Which Social Media Strategies Also Help with SEO?

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With social media now more incorporated into marketing strategies than ever before, you’re probably wondering how you can better manage your own social media presence. From the smallest of brands to the largest businesses in the world, social media provides a unique way in which to connect with loyal followers, potential consumers and even your competitors. Many view social media as being a strategy in and of itself, but there is plenty of intersectionality when it comes to social media and SEO. How can social media improve your overall SEO game? Continue reading to find out about a few ways it can help.

Quality Content Production

As your social media presence’s success rises or falls based on how many people interact with your content, it’s important to produce the very best content possible. However, many people don’t realize that quality content production that is shared on social media can in fact help you with pinging for SEO influence in SERPs. As you share more and more quality content, larger numbers of people likewise share and interact with said content. This creates more opportunities for backlinks to be earned and more chances for organic searches of your brand. As you build more links and generate more searches in social media, these indicators – combined with social signals – will tell search engines that your brand is a quality contender in its niche.

Be a Hub of Authority

Search engine optimization revolves around a few simple concepts. One of them is authoritativeness. In essence, the more credibility and expertise your brand is able to demonstrate, the better chance you have of ranking well in search. Brands that use social media to highlight their expertise in a given field will inevitably generate a variety of social signals, links and shares that tell search engines that they are to be trusted. From podcasts with industry influencers to multimedia offerings, a strategy that highlights authority and influence via social media will inevitably boost SEO potential.

Target Locally

Local SEO is bigger than ever: brands that properly utilize this trend to their advantage are reaping big rewards. Your social media posting regimen can likewise be tweaked to incorporate this reality, producing big results for your brand outside of Facebook or Twitter. Again, it all comes back to social signals: from social media meta tags to the number of likes and shares you generate, search engines observe it all. By targeting specific geographic areas in your posts and content, you’ll further associate your brand’s social media presence – and therefore, your brand – with a select grouping of SERPs which can boost select SEO rankings.

There are millions of brands, businesses and blogs pinging for SEO in just as many different niches throughout the web. Every little advantage helps, which is why incorporating select elements of SEO into your social media presence is crucial. When used properly, social media can generate beneficial SEO effects that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Have you found any other ways to use your social media presence for better SEO? If so, tell us below about your experience.

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