Why It’s Time to Dust Off the Ol’ Blog

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Old TypewriterMillions of people, businesses and brands share their daily thoughts with the rest of the world through the power of blogging. A powerful platform for just about anybody, blogging makes it possible to connect with like-minded people and earn the respect of colleagues, friends and complete strangers alike. This can be a great way to convey personal feelings or share experiences, but it can also be a highly effective way to convince audiences to act in a particular way. Whether you’re selling a product, providing a service or merely trying to influence, you need to be blogging. Below, we’ll review why picking up where you last left off blog-wise is a smart thing to do.

Ample SEO Benefits

If your brand or business has a website that is merely about the products and services you provide, then there is a good chance that it is not performing as well in search as it could be. This is because search engines like Google want to see you pinging URLs to great content, multimedia and a variety of other helpful resources. These entities factor in elements such as trustworthiness and authority when judging how your pages should rank in search. Maintaining a blog that provides a constant supply of content to search engines will indicate that you’re active, contributing and doing something other than merely promoting a product. Even if you are not selling something, your website’s visibility is likely being impacted by the lack of reliable and consistent content.

Insight Into Your Niche

Every blog post is an opportunity to learn more about your audience. Under any other circumstances, you’ll be forced to spend money in order to learn more about your target audience. This kind of market research is effective but can also be out of reach for many smaller brands. With a blog, you create an opportunity to start a conversation every time you post. By asking questions and encouraging commentary, you can help build a portfolio of information about how your audience feels on a given issue and what they’d like to hear about more. This information can be worth its weight in gold in the right hands, and will allow you to more adequately hone your SEO and marketing strategies.

Better Brand Loyalty

The act of blogging presents several unique opportunities for expanding your brand. One of these benefits is brand loyalty. Simply put, the more content you create, the more opportunities you have to start a dialogue. This tends to help build a more reliable and engaged community that will help make some parts of your job easier. They’ll be more likely to promote the brand when they feel they are a part of it. In addition to this, better brand loyalty can be a god-send for building out bigger social media presences. Not only can the blog give you more chances to start a conversation, but it also provides you with an endless loop of content that can be promoted on social media. This generates more social signals for your brand and increases visibility.

While running a blog can be a bit time-consuming, it offers your brand many benefits. From pinging URLs to search engines for SEO benefit to generating better brand loyalty, there are several reasons why you should do it. What is the biggest struggle for you when it comes to blogging? Tell us below.


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