Reshape Your SEO for Better Results (Part 2)

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In our last post, we shared several tips for reshaping your SEO campaigns to produce better overall results. With more brands competing for search engine visibility than ever, having as many tips and plans as possible to increase said visibility is a must. This is why we felt compelled to share even more tips to help you do just that!

Below, you’ll find a few additional changes you can make to take advantage of better visibility in both organic and paid elements in search.

Tap Into Emotion

We already know that the use of emotion in content generates better results among readers; whether the desired action is for the audience to read, buy or subscribe, using emotion works.

What some do not realize is that the use of emotional keywords and phrases can actually improve SEO outcomes as well. One such example is the use of emotional words in title tags. This shouldn’t be too surprising: since title tags are the first thing people see about your website in search, the use of emotional language is bound to generate more clicks. Through more clicks, your website rises in SERPs more and more, generating even more results. All of this can be done by simply pinging to Google more title tags with emotional connotations.

Provide Immediate Value

When people see your website in a particular SERP, is there anything information-wise that would provide value? As it turns out, pages that provide some statistic, fact or number in their title perform better than those that don’t.

While various forms of clickbait have long been known to perform well in a variety of mediums, from the perspective of SEO, cold, hard data has a bigger impact. This is why you see so many pages and blog posts that have titles like “4 Things You Should Do” or “7 Things You MUST Know”: the strategy works.

Examine AdWords Examples

There are many people willing to pay large sums to be featured in various SERPs, but what if you could extract a plethora of benefit from those ads for free? Believe it or not, SEO campaigns can be augmented by merely evaluating the content and keywords of various AdWords campaigns.

You’ll want to search a variety of different SERPs relevant to your niche, and examine all of the ads you see. Look for various commonalities and keywords that are being targeted the most by these ads. From here, you can start pinging to Google title tags, meta descriptions and content that focus heavily on these keywords.

Maximize Above the Fold Content

All too often, brands use above-the-fold spaces on their websites to do a bit of (seemingly) harmless self-promotion. For a variety of users – especially those on mobile devices – this can be off-putting. The end result is higher bounce rates, which are a SEO nightmare, as bounce rates tell search engines that your site isn’t relevant.

Instead, be sure to maximize your content’s appearance at the top of each page and lead into what visitors are looking for.

Ultimately, improving your SEO outcomes takes time and work, but implementing a variety of small tweaks like the ones we’ve covered can really add up and deliver long-term results!


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