Three Hardly-Used Methods to Spur New Content Ideas

Open DoorsIt seems more and more these days that finding a unique idea for a piece of content is becoming practically impossible. In many respects, almost everything you could think of has been discussed on the internet at one point or another. The difference between mere discussion and quality content is huge, however, and in that there remains plenty of opportunity. We may find ourselves running low on creative juices every now and then, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Below, we’ll discuss three methods that you can use to find new ideas for content creation, and keep your blog or website pumping out quality material.

Check Out Reddit

The best part of Reddit is that anyone can contribute, and the flow of dialogue in this fashion prompts some very interesting (and niche) dialogues. One great place to look for ideas that can connect with people on an emotional or personal level is in the AMA section (Ask Me Anything). Here, you will find people with unique perspectives and experiences that use the opportunity to answer questions from people who find the dynamic interesting. The notion of the AMA has become quite popular, with even the President of the United States doing one in 2012. You’ll be able to use Reddit’s search and filter options to narrow down categories and find subjects that are relevant to your niche. Once you find a topic of interest, you can then start pinging search engines with this new content.

Track Your Competitors

What are you competitors doing to enjoy recent success? Do you even know? If not, then now is a prime opportunity to use a competitor site analysis tool to find out which of their pages are their best performers. If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that no one can maintain a monopoly on anything for a long period of time. Use this information to your advantage, and begin crafting new forms of content that revolve around their proverbial success stories. You’ll also be able to use the same tactics to uncover potentially new keywords that you can use.

Email Marketing Analysis

Surely you are using email marketing as a way to bring people to your content? With the data you have collected via analytics, you can begin to look for trends and anomalies in the data. You may see that a certain type of email is performing far better than others. All of these emails may be optimized perfectly for distribution, but interest in particular topics may produce an additional bump for select emails. Isolate these elements, and then use the ideas to frame an approach for a new content strategy. Chances are that what is being received well by people will do just as well when you’re pinging search engines with it.


By digging through the organic dialogues of Reddit, studying your marketing data from emails and tracking your competitors, you’ll be able to figure out a plethora of new ideas for new content. Never let writer’s block get to you: the internet is vast and there is always a new idea – or at least a new spin on an old one – available.

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