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Lightbulb HeadWe all run into hurdles and brick walls from time to time when it comes to ideas for content creation. We may have spent weeks or even months at a time producing piece after piece on a particular topic, only to realize that we’re now seemingly out of fresh ideas to cover. Even in niche categories, however, this almost always isn’t the case. It can be easy to fall into this situation, however, but it’s even easier to get out of the mess. Below, we’ll review three easy ways that you can scour the web for new ideas about your topic and unearth potential content ideas that you never would have considered otherwise.

Hit Up Quora, Yahoo Answers, Etc.

While we’re sitting around struggling and asking ourselves questions about what to write next, there’s a whole world of questions out there that can help us get out of the rut. Sites like Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, Quora and more feature well-categorized sections of questions asked by everyday users that usually have a variety of correct answers already provided. Lists and how-tos are very popular forms of content in this day and age, and you’ll find plenty of examples of questions and answers that can be used in new forms of content. From this process, you’ll find that pinging your website with new content based off of these questions and answers is much easier than originally thought.

Shine the Spotlight on Others’ Posts

If you are struggling to keep a flow of content on your blog on website, then look no further than the writings of others within your niche. There are almost certainly plenty of other writers and bloggers out there who are covering similar subjects, so why not give them a bit of attention for a change? You can install a feed reader to find blogs that publish content that ultimately syncs with the mission of your own blog. From here, you’ll be able to periodically monitor what is being posted, and can select valid posts that reflect your blog’s intentions. Once you have several to consider, combine them all into a list post and provide your readers with this information. These “roundup” posts are a trending item in the world of blogging and can even help build goodwill between various bloggers.

Scour Reddit for Inspiration

Finally, what blogger can say that they’ve exhausted their creative potential without taking a look at Reddit for ideas? Seeing as how Reddit is one of the most active social media websites in the world and does a smashing job of segmenting its content into niche-like categories, you’ll have no trouble at all finding several sub-reddits in which people are asking questions, sharing great ideas and otherwise interacting in ways that can give you more ideas for new posts. From here, you’ll be able to come up with a variety of topic ideas that can be used to start pinging your website with fresh content in a matter of minutes. Not only can Reddit be good for the production of evergreen content, but it’s also a prime source for delving into current events and late-breaking news.

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