Running Out of Content Ideas? Check Out Quora

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Crumpled Paper BallsHow often do we sit around contemplating new ideas for content, only to come to the conclusion that we have already written about everything in our niche? While this almost never is really true, it’s a common occurrence and one that is associated with a modern-day form of writer’s block. It can be difficult to overcome this hurdle without outside help, but thankfully, the internet is a treasure trove of information and resources. If you are currently struggling with the ability to figure out new ideas for content, then Quora may be a big help to you in several ways. Below, we’ll outline how to use Quora efficiently and how it can be a gold mine for new ideas for your blog or website.

Ask a Question

We can often be so frustrated with asking ourselves the question of “what should I write about next?” that we forget it is a legitimate question. Sometimes, asking the question to others – as opposed to ourselves – is the right way to go about things. Quora is a huge community and people have incentive to reply with worthwhile answers. If you have run out of ideas and need help, then articulate your current position and phrase it in the form of a question on Quora. By pinging servers on Quora with your questions about what to write next, you’ll unlock a whole new perspective from readers and viewers who don’t have writer’s block and who will view your content and mission from a different angle. This in turn will produce multiple worthwhile answers that can then be used to explore new content avenues.

Explore Other Questions and Answers

While you may find great results by asking your own questions to the Quora community, there are also plenty of worthwhile discussions already on the site. Try performing a search in your niche on the website and see what you find. There is likely to be several – if not dozens of hundreds – of previously asked questions that will yield perspectives and answers that unlock your creative sense and give you new content ideas with which to work. By exploring the interests and perspectives of those who aren’t trying to create content on a regular basis, you’ll likely be amazed at all of the new ideas that flow out of the process.

How to Handle the Information

After you have asked your own questions, received answers for them and explored existing discussions on Quora, how should you handle the information? We recommend starting a spreadsheet that consists of all of the questions on one side, and answers on the other. With this information categorized, you’ll not only have new ideas, but you’ll also have a structure in which you can easily create content and answer the questions posed by your writings. It is also recommended that you cite or source the original inspiration for the idea. Not only is this good practice, but it’ll give you opportunities to link back to an authority site (which will help with pinging servers on Google and Bing with a bit more authority).

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