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Blog KeyboardIt can be oh so difficult to put proverbial pen to paper and create new forms of content. With seemingly every idea exhausted in the world of the internet, finding inspiration for something ground-breaking, new and relevant can be frustrating and exhausting. Even when focusing on broader topics, sooner or later it will become very difficult to make new ideas manifest. Fortunately, there are many useful brain-hacks that can be employed to make it possible to break through the obstacles and get back to producing quality content. Today, we’ll talk about a few great tips that you can help you activate new blogging ideas in order to get back to work.

Answer Common Questions

There is never a situation in which all of your readers, customers or subscribers will always have all of the answers. Whether it be through email, on forums or through social media, people are bound to ask questions. While your site may already have a Frequently Asked Questions page, it is never a bad idea to create additional content that centres around the most asked questions about your brand. Even if it doesn’t relate directly to an answer for a question, there are often many great ideas to be discovered by sorting through these questions and finding important and interesting topics.

Analyse Trends

Particularly on social media, it has never been easier to find out what other people are talking about. This can be one of the best ways to activate your mind and generate new blogging ideas for a variety of projects. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google Trends or some other platform, these all are great places to start digging through the hive-mind of the internet and to catch the latest breaking news as it is developing. This strategy can be particularly helpful for pinging servers with current events if your site or blog focuses on reporting late-breaking news. Even if you are not based in such an area, there are plenty of new and exciting ideas that can be hashed out by looking through trending topics and news.

Research Competitors

You undoubtedly have competition and you are probably already aware of them. Instead of being resentful that they exist, leverage their existence by exploring what ideas they have recently discussed. While copying their ideas is neither a morally nor technically beneficial strategy, you can use their focuses to determine new topics that you can put a different spin on in one way or another. It is likely that they may be covering ideas that are based on the input of their audiences or that are based on current trends; in some cases, you’ll be able to spin off topics into completely different ideas. This may be one of the best ways to begin brainstorming and up pinging servers on social media, Google and beyond with fresh content.


By researching your competitors, exploring commonly asked questions by visitors and analysing trends in the news and in your demographics, you can be sure to break through writer’s block and activate new blogging ideas beginning today!


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