How to Improve Your Email Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

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Optimizing any email marketing campaign should be one of your top priorities. Without gradual tweaks, analytical improvements and a clear strategy, you might as well be shooting into the dark with your campaigns. Thankfully, there are many utilities and tips available for those seeking to improve their campaigns’ outcomes.

One increasingly popular option for improving email marketing revolves around the use of artificial intelligence. While many might think of AI as being something far removed from simple email campaigns, there is a plethora of helpful functions available right now to revolutionize how your campaigns perform.

Today, let’s look at how AI can improve practically any email marketing campaign immediately.

Analyze Content Preferences

Email marketing is built on content. Whether they be short blurbs or recaps of in-depth content published on your site, providing your recipients with something of interest is crucial in making the process work efficiently.

AI has the ability to analyze all of the data collected by your campaigns and apply lessons to various audiences. For instance, AI might discover that a specific person responds more positively when you’re pinging servers with daily promotions or discounts, while somebody else prefers to read the latest blog posts from their inbox.

Optimize Times and Dates

For years, many email marketing software solutions have offered customized scheduling options to users. After running a variety of campaigns through select software, the use of AI can be instrumental in determining exactly when each of your campaigns should be sent.

For example, a certain product might resonate better with a particular age group. If there are metrics suggesting that the age group is more likely to open their emails during a particular segment of the day, the AI can make the judgement call on when to execute the campaign for maximum efficiency.

The same is true for dates and days of the week as well. In order to maximize open rates and conversions, knowing when to send is just as important as what to send.

Improve Subject Lines

Anybody who has used email marketing for even a short while knows that the subject line can have a profound impact on the success of campaigns. Fortunately, AIs – with the use of algorithms and copious amounts of data – can automatically optimize campaign subject lines for maximum impact.

Evidence suggests that AI performance can double or even triple the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Whether you are pushing emails directly to your subscribers or targeting email users via PPC campaigns, this is an incredible improvement and one that cannot be overlooked. As such, expect to see more AI involvement in subject line creation in the coming years.

As virtual and artificial intelligences continue to grow in capability and prevalence, it’s only a matter of time before most aspects of marketing are influenced by them. In the here and now, though, there are already many marketing services that take advantage of the power that AI can offer in terms of analyzing data and rendering the statistically best decisions on behalf of brands. By pinging servers with information and decisions analyzed by these complex entities, your campaigns can generate better results and ultimately better ROI.

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