Create a Logo for Your Website in Minutes with These 3 Free Services

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Create LogoYour logo is essentially an image that conveys everything about your business’s identity, from your values to your tradition. But a lot of online business owners don’t place as much emphasis on the design of their logos as they should, when, in fact, a website’s logo can make or break a company by attracting customers or dissuading them from even visiting a page. Remember that Internet users are looking for brands that are visually appealing, so the right image can entice someone to visit your website after catching a glimpse of your logo on a social media page or forum, for example.

Not sure how to create a stellar logo that will work to increase your profits while representing your brand in a positive way? Continue reading for some tips to get started.

Come Up with a Concept

Write down some words that represent your company. Working with other creative team members can definitely help with this task. Then try to sum up what your brand really means, down at its core, in just one sentence or just one word. Doing this exercise can definitely help you narrow down some design choices or inspire brand new ones, whether you choose to work with a professional graphic designer who will create your logo for you or you choose to go with one of the many tools available online that help you design your logo yourself.

Use Logo Garden

Logo Garden is a service that claims you can create a logo in just 8 minutes. The free service takes you through the process of creating a logo, no matter how artistic you are, so that you can get your online business up and running without delay. First, choose the category that your business falls into, and then choose from tens of thousands of symbols that you can customise in order to make them your own. Once you select the symbol you want to use, you can add your business name and tagline using a variety of built-in fonts. Finally, you can move your logo and your text around, rotate them, add colours and effects, and save the final image by creating an account with the site. Voila, you have your logo!

Zillion Designs

Zillion Designs is another website that helps you create a logo for free in three easy steps. Once again, you first pick the category your business falls under before choosing from an array of images that range from artsy to formal. Then use the tools to add text and edit the image as you wish before saving the final design.


Tweak also provides users the ability to create a custom logo within minutes. Choose from a variety of colourful designs from myriad categories and then add your business’s name and tagline before choosing the colour scheme. While this site does not offer the same customisation options that you have with other sites, such as Logo Garden, it can definitely get the job done when you need a logo designed quickly and you can’t afford to hire a designer.

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