The Biggest Reasons Why Video Marketing is Crucial

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Every business understands why various forms of marketing are necessary. Those engaged in e-commerce and content creation on the web in particular realize that it is a crucial component of success. There are various forms of content and digital marketing to consider – most successful brands utilize a combination of different marketing techniques. In an age where mobile devices are more prominent than ever, video marketing has taken on a life of its own. From YouTube commercials to Facebook posts, video marketing helps brands quickly grab the attention spans of audiences. Today, we’ll review the biggest reasons why video marketing is mandatory for brands.

Better Returns on Investment

Paying upfront for professional video production certainly costs more engaging in some DIY marketing, but there’s a reason why so many businesses do so. Simply put, video marketing produces an excellent return on investment when coupled with a sound marketing strategy. By pinging  to Google, Facebook and other platforms your content and pitches, you have the ability to gain massive exposure. Seeing as how engagement rates with video are far higher than other standard forms of content, it’s no surprise that the return on investment dwarfs that of more traditional marketing techniques. If you can justify the initial expenditure, then there’s a good chance you’ll be boosting your long-term profit margins.

Improvements in SEO

Search engine optimization continues to be an important element of many brands’ marketing strategies. Without search engine traffic, most brands would die a slow and painful death. The great thing about video marketing is that it can boost your SEO rankings alongside your profits. Search engines like Google love to see diverse assortments of content coming from brands, and especially value multimedia. The more videos you create, the more rich content you’re serving up. Especially within the confines of mobile results, Google values these contributions. As such, you can gradually ascend the ranks of search results and be seen more often by relevant audiences.

You Impress Mobile Users

Today, an increasing number of people use mobile devices to ingest content. While these devices are fully capable, smaller screen sizes often mean a desire for less reading. With video marketing, you help circumvent this problem by serving content to mobile users in their preferred form. Ever since Google overhauled how it delivers search results to mobile users, forms of content that are optimized for these devices are prioritized in search results. Not only will you perform better in search results from mobile users, but your video content has a greater chance of actually being watched, engaged with and absorbed on social media as well. Considering that a majority of internet traffic now flows through mobile devices, this is a segment of your audience you want to impress.

Video marketing provides plenty of benefits that brands cannot overlook. From the ability to more effectively connect with mobile users to drastic improvements in SEO, you should have plenty of motivation to start pinging to Google and social media one video after another. What other actions have you taken recently to improve the perception of your brand as a professional entity within your niche? Tell us below what you’ve done and whether it has had any impact.

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