The Basics of Building Great Video Marketing Content

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Years ago, the most common forms of marketing universally centered around text-based content. From blog posts to PPC ads, brands focused on pitching their products and services via text because it was simple and because many lacked mobile devices with fast internet speeds. The game has changed, however, and multimedia has taken a front-row seat in many digital marketing campaigns.

Video marketing in particular has become quite popular due to the popularity of social media, prevalence of mobile devices and an ever-increasing demand from consumers for engaging content. While it can seem intimidating, video marketing is actually easier than many might think: let’s examine the basics of what constitutes great video marketing content.

Use Established Templates

The first step of making a great video for marketing purposes is determining how the format and layout of the video will be designed. Fortunately, most won’t have to play a guessing game to determine this: there are a variety of proven templates available that’ll guide the format of your marketing effort.

This can ensure that the script, video segments and even the angles from which you shoot are determined in advance. What a load off this can be for many brands who don’t know where to begin with video marketing, and it also helps improve the chances that the video in question will resonate with audiences.

Use the Right Equipment

There’s a lot consider with respect to the equipment you’ll use to video your marketing content. Despite what many think, you can gather all of the essential components you’ll need to shoot great video for just a few hundred dollars if you’re selective about what you procure.

Cameras as well as microphones are definitely needed, but you’ll also want to consider tripods and lighting as well. Furthermore, pinging users with livestreams and casual update content doesn’t even require advanced camera equipment: many smartphones have great cameras and can be used in a pinch for certain types of video marketing efforts.

Use Professional Editing Software

How you splice together your video content is just as important as the equipment you use to capture it. Fortunately and thanks to using an established template like we mentioned above, you won’t have to fret over how to piece together your video in post-production. However, using the right software for editing can make the difference between an amateur production and a professional one.

Professional editing software comes in many shapes, and not all of it is necessarily expensive. Some open source editing solutions are available that do an excellent job and that can be downloaded for free. Regardless of what software you decide to use, make sure that it possesses the features and benefits that are required, such as color correction, animations and the ability to cut and splice easily.

Video marketing isn’t just for big brands and professionals anymore: anybody with a small budget and dedication can get in on the action! With the right equipment, editing software and an established template for shooting and editing, you can produce professional results with few complications. Before you know it, you too will be pinging users with stellar marketing content!

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