Is Instagram a Good Marketing Platform for Businesses?

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Good PlatformJust a little over two years ago, Instagram first launched its platform for sharing and customising any photos by its users. In a relatively short period of time, Instagram has grown into a phenomenal enterprise, boasting over 100 million users worldwide. As its growth continues, Instagram implemented the ability for individuals and businesses alike to have personal profiles, allowing them to showcase their photos and inject new life into their online sharing and marketing. For those small businesses considering the use of Instagram, the following article will provide some tips and information to help you make a better decision as to how to use the platform.

Setting Up Your Profile

The first thing you will want to do in order to gain more exposure and marketing potential is to create an Instagram web profile. These have not been around too long as of yet, so chances are you will be able to grab your very own unique URL ( without having to continue pinging list after list of ideas in order to get the best address. There is also currently a limited array of customisation options for your profile, so feel free to tinker around and come up with the best layout situation for your business’ Instagram hub.

Share Across Platforms

Using Instagram’s badge system, you can easily share your Instagram profile on your website or through any other social media outlet without any hassle. This simple action can dramatically increase the amount of exposure you will gain for your Instagram profile, as many people are naturally drawn to Instagram profiles due to the aesthetic appeal that often comes with them. It is your duty, however, to turn this normally aesthetic element of the web into something more substantial. By taking pictures of your products and services and sharing with others, you can incorporate your brand directly into the artistic vibe of this platform.

Create Purposeful Posts

With any social networking platform, it often matters more in regards to what you post than how often you post. Sure, proactive updates can keep a steady stream of followers coming to your page, but without substance or promotion, your marketing efforts will not be realised. As mentioned prior, be sure to use Instagram’s visual prowess to showcase your business’ abilities and offerings. If each of your posts offers both an aesthetic element and valuable information, tips or discounts, then your readers will be more likely to return to your profile in search of said content in the future.

Build External Campaigns Around Instagram

You do not have to abandon traditional marketing efforts when using Instagram; instead, try incorporating your Instagram profile into various marketing attempts. Whether you are using a Call To Action or simply pinging lists of subscribers with an email about your new Instagram project, you can find plenty of ways in which Instagram can be marketed directly or indirectly to your readers and followers. There really is no limit as to what you can use to promote your Instagram hub, so be creative and use it as a tool to build stronger relationships with potential customers in the future.

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