Online Rep Matters: Here’s How You Can Track Yours

Whether it be a person, a business or a corporation, the reputation of a particular entity matters. In today’s highly-digital world, the ability for opinions and reviews to reach a greater number of people is more relevant than ever. As such, it is paramount that any person or company safeguards this reputation as much as possible.

Online reputation can influence how many sales and subscriptions occur, how many people visit a particular brick-and-mortar establishment, and the scope of a brand’s organic reach via search and social media. It is for this reason that monitoring such is crucial.

Let’s examine how individuals and brands can track their online reputations and intercede whenever necessary.

Google Alerts

Arguably the easiest and most universal way to track online reputations, Google Alerts allows for basic customization and configuration to alert you whenever mentions of you or your brand occur. In just a couple of minutes, you can setup alerts to ensure you’re being pinged every time a mention happens online that is indexed by Google. By pinging to Google these requests, you’ll never have a major situation develop without you being aware of what’s happening shortly thereafter.

For those who don’t have time for more exhausting, intensive analysis, Google Alerts provides a straightforward solution that can keep brands aware of negative and positive mentions online. Even when using other services, it is highly recommended that Google Alerts be utilized as well.


A premium solution for more intense brand reputation monitoring, SEMRush is one of the most popular solutions for brands obsessed about their online clout. Offering both free and premium solutions, SEMRush makes it possible to track mentions that platforms such as Google Alerts may not find. Additionally, variables such as reach for each mention, overall mention sentiment and estimated effects of each mention can likewise be tracked.

Some of the biggest names in the digital world use SEMRush for this particular purpose – as such, you should not be worried about the scope and scale at which you can track brand mentions and overall reputation. As mentioned, SEMRush can be used in certain capacities for free, so give it a try and see if it can deliver the desired results before upgrading.


In some situations, online mentions – whether they be negative or positive – aren’t an inherent concern unless these mentions appear on select platforms. Particularly for locally-based businesses and online retailers, reviews left on select websites can be disproportionately beneficial or harmful. This is where a solution like Chatmeter can be of assistance.

By pinging Google and two dozen other prime review-based websites, Chatmeter helps businesses track reviews from one central location. It can also be integrated with existing profiles on these websites to allow for seamless responses from an easy-to-use platform. Email notifications are standard whenever your brand is mentioned, as is solutions to compare your own brand’s reputation against identified competitors.

Now more than ever, maintaining the best reputation possible is crucial. With so many competitors in every niche, knowing that you can remain on the offensive whenever new mentions occur is crucial to both peace of mind and long-term success. These three platforms each offer varying levels of benefits for brands seeking to keep an eye on their online reps.

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