Should You Write Your Own Web Copy?

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Lemons Into LemonadeIf you are running a blog or website – whether it is already successful or just getting started – then you know or will soon know just how important quality content is in growing and maintaining its clout. In some cases, we are able to create great content that covers all the elements while also being entertaining and creative, while other times, we struggle to adequately address what it is we need to cover. The differences in these circumstances often revolve around whether you are capable of creating your own web copy or have to rely on a professional to do so. The big question is: when do I write my own web copy and when do I outsource? We’ve outlined several areas that need to be addressed before you can answer this question.

Can You Turn Lemons Into Lemonade?

What does this mean, exactly? Too much web copy is laced with bland content that is feature intensive, simply listing off what a product or service does or is rather than conveying the information in a different light. Rather than state what it is, are you able to describe what the person in question gains from doing what you are requesting them to do? If so, then you may be able to create great content and web copy for your blog or site. Otherwise, it may be in your best interests to hire someone who can take that copy and create something that outlines benefits rather than simple features.

Can You Create Good Content?

Many writers have grown accustomed to writing for search engines rather than people. By pinging sites and having them surge to the top of search results, some feel that quality content only goes so far. When deciding whether you should write your own web copy, the answer is clear: if you cannot be creative and construct content that is valuable to readers, then being seen by readers will matter very little when they promptly leave your website after finding nothing but SEO optimized garbage.

Can You Use Real Examples?

Depending on the type of web copy you are crafting, you may find yourself wanting to incorporate testimonials or reviews that others have in regards to the subject at hand. If these reviews are fake, people will be able to tell – even the most “convincing” fake review has a certain whiff to it that most people recognize. If your blog or site has been offering solutions or content for a particular problem, product or service and you have received real reviews in response to this, then be sure to use these examples in your content. Otherwise, it is best to avoid this angle as you will be discovered as a fraud.


Those who are great at being creative, can produce quality content without concern for pinging sites and have real life examples in which to back up their claims will do well when it comes to creating web copy. If you feel as if you are forcing the content you create, then chances are that your readers will have a similar vibe when reading it. By focusing on quality or quantity, you can drastically improve engagement with your readers and more than make up for any SEO losses. Otherwise, it may be best to leave this sort of task to the professionals.

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