How to Pump Out Better Copy Time and Time Again

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Pump KeyAt the core of all of your efforts – SEO, marketing and brand management – exists the notion of content. From e-commerce stores to niche blogs, there is a need for the content that is being displayed to be informative, engaging and benefit-laden. Without this, users will run away from your website in droves and search engines will inevitably pick up on the trend. As such, it is vital that your copy – whether it be for ads or for your pages – live up to the highest expectations possible. In the following article, we will discuss how to pump out better copy time and time again so that your efforts make the biggest impression with customers, readers and more.

Know the Benefits

Whatever it is you are promoting, you want to be sure to know its benefits before you start writing. What your product will do for customers, who it will help, where it can be of use, and how it will impact their lives are common questions you want to know the answers to before you start pinging for SEO or for dollars.  When people come across your copy, the first thing they will subconsciously look to determine is the benefits that it offers. Never be afraid to showcase benefits left and right to what is likely to be an initially sceptical audience, because it will most certainly make a difference in how your copy is perceived.

Eviscerate the Competition

While there is certainly a fine line between promoting your competition inadvertently and taking them down a notch (not to mention potential copyright issues), good copy will aim to create a weaker impression of the competition in readers’ eyes. Outlining how the competition’s products are inferior, showcasing testimonials of customers and supporters who will vouch for you and anticipating any criticisms of your own offerings will all go a long way toward achieving this effect. With this approach, you will be successful in augmenting your own copy’s quality while harming the competition when it comes to all who read it.

Know Your Audience

If you do not know to whom you are speaking, then how can you deliver excellent copy? A common rule in all forms of content creation, knowing the target audience or current audiences that peruse your site is essential when it comes to writing content for them. You can begin assessing your audience by using metrics to determine their age, race, location, language, income and other interests. Your products and services may not neatly accommodate everyone in your audience, so it may become necessary to write different forms of copy for different sub-sections of your audience. Once you have figured out who you are targeting, you’ll be more effective at writing copy and pinging for SEO.


The key to writing better copy on a consistent basis revolves around three concepts. You must know the benefits of what you are promoting, what your competition’s weaknesses are and the make-up of your audience. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to continuously produce better copy.

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