Should You Delete The Old, Outdated Posts On Your Site?

Blank KeyboardWebsites can get very hectic, especially when the search engines seem to love new content being added to your website, and as their way of thanking you for keeping it up to date they keep you at a high ranking on search results or in some cases move you even higher.

However, it can become messy, not to mention that it can fill your visitors with dread that you have thousands of articles all over your website meaning that it’s difficult to actually find the information they were looking for. If you own an e-commerce store, this could get even more hectic for customers trying to order products.

So, is there a solution to both keeping your website up to date yet keeping it organised?

Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are simple enough solutions which allow you to categorize your posts and website content into different sections, link to main pages where users they can read summaries and then choose which aspect or specific topic they want to read even more about. Keep these on the side or top of every single page to ensure your visitors won’t get lost or wish they hadn’t clicked through to another link if they can’t find their way back.

Search Bars

A really simple tool to implement into your website which can save your users hours of trying to find information and preventing them from just giving up and leaving is the basic search bar.

Add them to the top of every single page and make sure they are clearly marked, and it will surprise you how often if gets used to find information quickly.

Update The Content

Often when you’re writing about something specific or that is subject to change, your content can then become outdated and irrelevant. Instead of just leaving it there to confuse your visitors, add an update to it, or edit the content to show that you keep your content updated and current.

A visitor who knows that you actively update your website and try and keep everything up to date, factual and correct is more likely to stick around and use your website more than someone who is angry that you are telling the world something that is no longer true.

Hide The Content But Don’t Delete It

Content is good for your site as we already mentioned before, and if it’s good content, the more of it you have the better. However, instead of just deleting all your time and hard work you can instead “hide” the articles or content you don’t like as much or that is now outdated and less relevant if you don’t want to update it.

You can do this by either removing links to content from your site’s navigation, or putting it into a different folder or sub category. Likewise, if it is that outdated you can simply make the content the less prominent feature of the page and encourage readers to check out your newer content instead. There are tonnes of ways to redirect your users’ attention whilst still keeping everything in its place and not deleting it completely.

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