When Is It Time to Scale Up Your Content Creation?

Having a sound content creation plan is crucial to a good marketing campaign, no matter what stage of development your business is in. Initially, you should be aiming to keep things controlled and use your resources sparingly because you will likely have more attractive options for investing in your growth. But you should keep an eye on the way things are moving and know when it’s time to step up your game and start producing more content.

Having a systematic approach to scaling up your content is important. But the ability to recognize when the time is right is a separate skill that’s just as important.

Reaching and Exceeding Your Targets

Tracking the success of your marketing campaigns is crucial to knowing when it’s time to scale things up. You must set realistic goals and pay attention to the success of each piece you post, especially when you’re doing a longer-running campaign that involves several connected stories or something similar. It’s normal not to hit your targets initially, especially when you’re still trying to work out the exact parameters of your campaign. But once you see your numbers starting to approach those levels, you should start thinking about stepping up your content creation and setting new targets.

You’re Approaching the Limits of Repurposing Existing Content

Repurposing existing content is a great way to improve the performance of your content campaigns without investing too much on top of what you are already pouring into them. But at some point, this isn’t going to be a viable strategy anymore – and that moment could hit you pretty hard early on. Try not to go overboard with squeezing additional performance out of your content, and always be ready to start producing more. Sometimes, you might need additional pieces to complement something new that you’re planning to post.

Make Sure You’ve Identified the True Bottleneck

If your campaigns start to dry up, you should ensure that the volume of content you’re producing is your real bottleneck before deciding to ramp up your content creation. Remember that this is not something you can easily backtrack on, at least for a while. You’ll be stuck producing extra content until you can ramp things down with your freelancers and other professionals you’re working with. With that in mind, make sure that you need to produce additional content to get over your current slump. Sometimes, the decreased performance of your campaigns could be due to entirely different factors that can be addressed more easily.

Never stop tracking your performance, even when you’re in a place where you’re familiar with the amount of content you’re producing and how well each piece does once it’s published. You should pay attention to the data your campaigns are producing and be ready to change course on short notice if it turns out that your current strategy isn’t viable any longer. At some point, you might have to bring additional experts on board to guide you through this.

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