Tips for Creating the Best Holiday Blog Content

Holiday Blog‘Tis the season to be blogging! As millions of webmasters and bloggers seek to capitalize upon the holiday season, there are plenty of different types of content and marketing methods in use right now. Those who are prepared for this annual spree can use it as an opportunity to create keyword-rich content that drives traffic to their sites, but it can also be all too easy to lose sight of the importance that quality content brings to your overall strategy. Whether you want to seize the opportunity to earn affiliate revenue off of the latest toys or promote a cause near and dear to your heart, you must be captivating and original in your approach. Those who fail to do this will see their optimization strategies fall short, leaving them wondering why yet another year passed by without a boom in traffic, conversions and revenue. The following article will provide some simple tips to help you create the best holiday blog content for any occasion.

Incorporate Holiday Multimedia

When telling a story or making a pitch, it helps to have some form of multimedia present when you are pinging links to search engines. Not only will search engines be more likely to rank your content higher, but it has been proven that crisp, colorful imagery can help increase engagement and reduce page bounce rates. A well-placed video or series of images can go a long way toward accentuating your quality content; you may have the best content in the world, but a poorly formatted version without variance will result in very few people reading it from start to finish. In this case, some beautiful natural foliage, candles or festivities may be just the needed touch to really make your content pop for readers.

Utilize Social Media

Throughout the holiday season, many people find themselves with a bit more free time. Those at the office may have slower days and less work to handle, which means extra time surfing websites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media can be a great place to promote any type of content, but holiday content is especially effective when promoted to the right people. In addition to this, social media campaigns can help increase discussion and engagement around both your blog post and your brand; this sort of discussion will send out social signals to friends and increase the likelihood of one of these people seeing your blog post as well.

Be Generous

Sometimes, holiday content can help your blog or website be found if you give back to the community rather than attempt to take from it. A variety of charitable organizations and causes exist – many of which rely upon contributions and exposure during the holiday seasons – and these can be the best way to give back to someone or something. Readers will see selflessness in the approach if done properly, and search engines will still be pinging links to SERPs all the same. The holidays are in large part about giving: do your part and give a little bit of time to a worthwhile entity by promoting it via your blog!

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