Four Important Elements for Sitewide Optimization

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Printing InksWith literally hundreds of potential variables to consider when implementing SEO strategies, you no doubt have to decide which ones are going to receive priority focus. All too many brands and businesses make the mistakes of biting off more than they can chew at once, failing to make significant process in any one area, and ultimately falling short in boosting their visibility. With several broader categories of SEO to consider – mobile, link building, on-page, sitewide, analytics – it can truly be overwhelming. There are many reasons why paying attention to sitewide optimization features are important, and today, we’ll discuss four important sitewide optimizations you should pursue.

Reviews and Testimonials

Search engines love to see feedback about your site, and they really love to see that feedback on your site. In short, these signals begin pinging servers and help tell these search engines how credible and trustworthy your website is among an audience. The use of reviews and testimonials throughout your website help convey the message that customers and consumers are finding value in your website and that it can be trusted. It is definitely a smart move to ensure these are visible.

Personal/Contact Info

Many sitewide optimization elements relate back to that common denominator of trust. When search engines see plenty of valuable information on your website, it tells them that your website is more likely to be legitimate. This is why it is important to ensure that personal and/or contact information about the business or brand is available on the website. Where is your business physically located? What are your hours? Who is the owner? What’s the best phone number and email for contact? These are all vital elements that should be included in sitewide optimization.


The bigger your website becomes, the more possibilities open up for individual pages to be lost to search engines. The use of a sitemap will ensure that any spider or bot that is pinging servers on your domain can find every individual page on your website and index it properly. Usually, a sitemap is linked to from the bottom of each page, is very easy to create and can ensure you achieve the best SEO outcome for each and every page on your website. Sitemaps can also be useful to everyday users from time to time, as they can help organize a seemingly cluttered series of pages.

Stable Homepage Content

Last but not least, you want to ensure that your homepage is as resolute as possible from day to day. Why is this important? The more that the content on your home page changes, the more likely it is for search engines to begin seeing too much variance in what your website is signaling. This essentially translates into the dilution of your keywords and can make it more difficult to rank for the keywords you are targeting. Some elements of your homepage are inevitably bound to change, but avoiding constant changes wherever possible is critical.

What other SEO elements are you implementing or have implemented sitewide? Tell us below!


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