82% of Facebook Users Are Active – How Can You Take Advantage of This?

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Facebook UsersWith nearly 1 in 6 human beings on the planet now using Facebook, ignoring its presence is a bit like ignoring the need for oxygen or food – at least when it comes to your brand. With so many people from every walk of life now engaging on the platform, it truly has become a global interface where the passions and interests of an individual can be found and are shared by many others. Connecting with these people however, is a different story. So many Facebook users consider the platform as a way to communicate with close friends and family, and not a way to become more involved with hobbies and interests. How can we change this? Continue reading below to find out more about strategies that lure reclusive Facebook users to engage with relevant brands.

Balance Pleasure and Business

Your followers most likely understand that by virtue of having a social media presence, you will at some point market products, services or causes to them. It is quite another thing, however, to be constantly filling the status feeds of those on Facebook with your marketing ploys. Every successful social media empire incorporates fun elements that are relevant to the brand, while pinging services and products at opportune times. Chances are that you probably do not like being marketed to constantly, so why would your followers feel any different? If you want to grow your brand, make your page a mixture of “business” and “pleasure”.

Invite Friends

If you have been operating a website or blog of any sort, then you may have a long list of email addresses that have been collected as a result of consumers and readers interacting with your non-social media ventures. Facebook allows you to upload lists of individuals’ emails if your page has less than 5,000 likes, so upstart social media projects can get off the ground by using existing information provided to them by their followers. Seeing as how these types of people have already interacted with your brand before, it makes perfect sense to attempt to engage these individuals as many of them are most likely on Facebook.

Use Infographics

Standard, dull text on Facebook may get read, but it is far likelier to be shared when compared to images and infographics. Even if you want to say something simple incorporating such thoughts into graphics can dramatically increase the exposure it will receive and elicit interaction from your followers. If you are pinging services for carpet removal, for instance, a snapshot of the process in action may prove to be a better way to garner attention than by simply stating the obvious. This effect is two-fold: it not only increases the number of people who are seeing your brand, but also increases the level of engagement your current followers have with it.

By using aesthetic elements, inviting existing contacts via email and traditional sources and maintaining a healthy balance of business and fun on your Facebook page, you too can recreate the social dominance that so many other brands are currently enjoying. While it takes a bit of effort, those who stick with these simple tips can expect to see consistent increases in their social media exposure in the weeks and months following their adoption.

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