Optimizing Your Landing Page Made Simple

Landing PagesThe amount of success you can expect to enjoy from marketing efforts – and therefore, the amount of traffic, conversion or sales you’ll procure – is largely determined by how well your landing page is optimized. A poorly designed landing page will no doubt send viewers scattering or fail to focus them on the actions you wish them to perform. Landing pages can be quite difficult to master, but having just a few details properly configured can make all the difference in the world. If you want a simple guide on how to optimize your landing page for success, then continue reading to find out about a few quick tricks that can assist in the process.

Monitor, Monitor, Monitor

Your stats are one of the most useful aspects of a landing page – even if they are not visible to the general population and do not affect their perception – due to the fact that they will tell a story of what your visitors are doing, feeling and thinking. High bounce rates, for instance, will signal that you are not properly engaging these people. Conversion rates can help you determine whether any recent changes are having the intended effect. There are dozens of potential metrics that can be measured to help paint a bigger and better picture of what is going on, so it’s just downright insane to not use analytics in some form.

Sync Ads and Landing Page

You want to have as few landing pages as possible – ideally just one – but pinging users with ads that do not sync with the message of the landing page will lead to failure. When performing various forms of A/B testing, you are likely to have some variance in the images and content that you use. If absolutely necessary, then you can create more than one landing page to accommodate this. Ideally, though, you’ll have one landing page and a series of ads that aim to convey the same overall message in different ways in order to reach different audiences. When someone clicks on an ad and sees a landing page that is fundamentally different (or doesn’t address the broader message of the ad, for that matter), then they become far less likely to engage.

Inject Emotional Components

The main unspoken component that leads to success for landing pages is the emotional element. People need to feel emotion in order to engage with a brand they previously knew nothing about. Many brands use inspirational stories to tug on the heartstrings of readers and can generate great success when pinging users with such themes. Anger and charitable angles are also two other popular elements where emotion can be intertwined with the subject at hand. Whatever your goal, you should infuse it with emotion to elicit the desired reaction from readers. A bland, clinical approach will inspire no one and leave your landing page efforts lacking a great deal.

By syncing your ads with your landing page, injecting emotional components into your content and monitoring analytics, you’ll be able to quickly improve the performance of any landing page. There are a variety of other tricks you can use to further boost optimization, but these three are the meat and potatoes of any optimization process.

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