Ideas for Properly Integrating Social Content Into Your Traditional Content

Integrating Social ContentIt comes as no surprise that more and more content creators are seeking to integrate the use of social media content with their traditional websites. Blogs and websites have the capability to host a variety of social media features – sharing solutions, status feeds and other methods that allow for engagement – but what about the content itself? Many of us have no doubt seen these embedded forms of content at one point or another; Vines are a great example, as are individual Twitter embeds. What are some great ways to combine these types of content with traditional blog posts and pages? We’ll discuss them in the following article so that you can make the most of each.

Build a Story

With so many forms of social content out there today, it isn’t hard to put together a collage of sorts to tell a story. These items are becoming increasingly popular throughout the web and the virality they are capable of generating is immense. Many are familiar with Buzzfeed’s GIF stories, for instance, but you can take it one step further. By incorporating GIFs, Vines, tweets, photos and text, you can create a multimedia masterpiece that aims to be a focal point for attention and is pinging sites all across the web as it is being shared. With these social embed options now easier than ever before to implement, you’ll find it to be both simple and enjoyable.

Walk Someone Through a Concept

With the advent of new presentation tools – predominantly, SlideShare – it has become so easy to construct helpful presentations and explain concepts in record time. You can quickly sign up for a SlideShare account, create individual slides to be organized and embed them in your site. These can also be shared across social media independently or as a part of traditional content, so the applications are truly endless. Whether you want to walk someone through the mission of your brand or provide an instructional how-to on a particular topic, these multimedia social tools can be a godsend for those who need to generate buzz and provide a service.

Highlight Interaction

There are a number of ways to encourage discussion on your social media profiles, but one great way to do that and also boost awareness of it through traditional content is to have polling on various matters. You can ask questions across a variety of social media networks and then embed the posts in your content to showcase the findings. Separately, you may wish to tabulate the results in order to summarize the results for everyone. The more you are pinging sites with content, the more responses you’ll get, but the incorporation of these actions into standard content like blog posts and pages can help boost their performance as well.

Integrating social content into your traditional content has never been easier, thanks in large part to the efforts social media has made to include these embedded options in recent updates. By walking people through concepts with presentations, highlighting interaction of social media fans and building stories with existing social content, you can create new forms of content that will enhance any existing content marketing strategy.

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