Ways to Ensure Your Landing Page is Doing Its Job

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Landing PageIn the pursuit of online lead generation, we jump through some serious hoops. Between content marketing, promotion, SEO and advertising, it can feel like we’re a mile wide and an inch deep at times. The last thing you need after all of this is a landing page that appears to be functioning but is not doing its job when it comes to conveying a message to readers and capturing those leads. Because of this, more people have begun to focus on optimizing their landing pages and ensuring that they are doing the job they were designed to do. If your landing page is off-putting to those who arrive, then you can kiss a good return on investment goodbye. Below, we’ll discuss how you can verify that your landing page is optimized to run smoothly and capture as many leads as possible.

An Immediate Sense of Clarity

The landing page should serve as an immediate call to action and provide users a way in which they can interact instantly. Most people decide whether or not they will remain on your website within just a few seconds of arriving on the landing page, so you need to be sure to convey a message that makes them want to find out more. Whether you want them to watch a video, donate money, purchase goods or subscribe for updates, a clear indicator of that action needs to be foremost on the landing page. When pinging to Google details about this landing page, be sure to use the same general approach so that this information is indexed properly.

Make People Stay There

When it comes to a landing page, it should be difficult to jump to another part of the site. Users are intelligent and can figure out how to find your home page, but their focus should be directed on the subject matter at hand, which is convincing them to engage in the action. In many cases, navigation links will convince users to quickly jump to another page of your website. While keeping that traffic is good, it is a waste in comparison to the value created via lead generation or engagement. By removing these links from the top, bottom and sides of the page, you will also remove the likelihood of impulsive clicking that distracts the user from the original intent. After they engage in the action, you can set it up so that a redirect takes them to the main page of your site.

Optimize Your Headline and Images

An attractive landing page goes a long way toward convincing users to interact with it. Think about it: would you want to give your information to a site that looks like a fly-by-night operation? Careful considerations for graphics can make the difference between lots of leads and none at all, while a properly-planned headline that grabs the attention of readers and further conveys the point of the page can go a long way toward improving lead generation. You can also take this as an opportunity to ensure that all text, headlines and images have proper SEO since they are pinging to Google, though landing pages usually are designed to ascend the ranks of search results.

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