The Absolute Necessities for a Quality Landing Page

Sand FootprintsAny form of content or product marketing requires a variety of tactics in order to be successful. Without a strong effort and a series of marketing elements in place, ad dollars, time and energy will all be wasted. As such, maximizing the chances for success make absolute sense. There are many different ways in which to market and convert visitors into subscribers and shoppers on the web, with one of the most popular formats being landing pages. In order to have optimal results via a landing page, however, everything must be calibrated and customized. Today, we’ll review what needs to be considered when building a landing page and how these elements can affect the rate of conversions in any marketing or advertising campaign.

Appealing Headline

Above all else, the headline of a landing page is absolutely essential. Not only should a landing page title do all it can to describe the situation, product or service being offered, but it must also do so in captivating language that entices the user to click. Sometimes, this can be done with a bit of mystery. In other cases, pinging links to landing pages revolves around the title being one that appeals to users’ emotions. Regardless of the choice, an appealing headline is an absolute must and will often be the first thing users and visitors see when they arrive at your landing page.

Brilliant Call to Action

Your call to action must be targeted, effective and direct in order to make your landing page function as intended. A call to action directs users to take a specific action – sign up for updates, make a purchase, give a donation, leave a review, or any other desired engagement. Calls to action need to be clear in order to function. They shouldn’t be more than a few words and shouldn’t require more than the minimum amount of action/clicks necessary in order to successfully convert. With calls to action, simplicity often equates with brilliance.

Prioritization of Benefits

People want to know what they’ll be getting in exchange for their purchase, subscription or loyalty. This is absolutely crucial in developing a quality landing page. Without a defined list of benefit, users will often drift away and your conversion rates will plummet. Many people decide to build landing pages around features. While features and benefits may seem similar in nature, the framing is what matters. By showing individuals what they’ll gain from signing up, making a purchase or providing their information, you will ensure that a greater share of them respond as intended.

Evidence or Examples

Last but not least, any great landing page will include a variety of examples of the product, service or information in the form of testimonials, reviews or other examples. Whether you’re pinging links to off-site reviews or providing video testimonials on the landing page itself, it is absolutely necessary to have justification for the cause that comes from other peoples’ mouths. In order to seal the deal, this part is absolutely necessary in most cases.

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