Monster SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Sign InWith dozens of different strategies and little tweaks that webmasters have to remember regarding SEO, it can be very easy to forget a step here and there. As SEO continues to evolve, the art of pinging networks like Google and Bing continue to become more complex for those who are just starting out with a new website or blog. Thankfully, more and more information continues to become available on how you can optimize your website for search engines, but you must stay organized and be aware of any changes of easily forgettable tactics. There are several common mistakes that even the most seasoned SEO pros can make from time to time; we will discuss these in the following article so that you do not continue to make them.

Do Not Search While Signed In

So many people forget about this one: you’re checking out select SERPs to see how your pages are performing and see your website at or near the top of results, yet traffic seems not to be arriving. What gives? Being signed into your Google account can drastically alter search results, showing you sites that you visit often or ones that it deems most relevant to your habits. While every user of the internet often performs searches under this pretense, your search habits will be drastically altered in the categories in which you write and create. Always be sure to log out whenever you need to check SERP rankings or want to inspect other elements of what an average user sees when searching for various topics.

Do Not Visit Your Website Daily

In many cases, web masters may spend copious amounts of time optimizing their websites and tweaking with the finest of elements. While having a great website that is full-featured and offers the best in a given niche should be the desired goal, someone who consistently tweaks and observes their website may not notice the smaller, more subtle flaws that become noticeable to those who do not frequent your site often. By taking a proverbial few steps back, you can ensure that any issues with your aesthetics or code can be identified quicker with a fresh perspective that isn’t constantly fixated on your site’s design.

Targeting Search Engines Rather Than Searchers

As you continue to create new content in the form of web pages and blog posts, you want to ensure that you are optimizing it predominantly for your viewers rather than bots and search engines. The day of SEO needing to be a strict science in regards to keywords and links has passed in large part, so your content can now be pinging networks in a way that is both creative and index-friendly. The best advice that can be given is to cease the keyword stuffing and instead focus on creative content that takes on a personal or informative perspective. As more and more readers flock to your site due to these changes, you will thank yourself for no longer making the mistake of targeting only search engines.


The three biggest mistakes pertaining to SEO that web masters and bloggers continually make can add unnecessary resistance to any optimization plan. By performing neutral searches, visiting your website only when necessary and targeting people rather than the search engines themselves, you can boost overall performance and ensure more efficiency for SEO endeavours.

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