Three Uncommon, Abstract SEO Mistakes

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SEO CogsSEO is very much a technical sport. This means that there is a needed focus on a variety of tasks that revolve around keywords, algorithms and precise components of web design. There are armadas of SEO enthusiasts attempting to crack the code behind very complex algorithms and ranking variables, but the changing nature of SEO renders much of this effort futile after a certain point. The truth is that SEO isn’t just about the technical: it’s also about abstract concepts that can impact overall performance. Today, we’ll review three of these abstract mistakes that might not be common but are nevertheless very important.

Ignoring the Need for Help

When building a successful SEO endeavor, it can be hard to know when to seek help. Any brand that starts out as a new entity and ultimately begins to grow will usually occur bit-by-bit, making it more difficult to know when there is too much at stake to continue along the same path. Because of this, many gurus and brands fail to recognize that additional SEO assistance is required. This may be in the form of outside assistance, freelance help or even just a mere change in course. Ultimately, pinging for SEO becomes more difficult and time-consuming as time goes on, so be aware of this and always ask yourself “am I able to handle all of this work?”. If the answer at any point feels like no, then it is time to consider seeking help.

Pursuing the Same Strategy

Ultimately, SEO requires change. Just as we mentioned above, the nature of SEO becomes more difficult as the months and years pass by. Likewise, it becomes more difficult as repeated successes continue to occur. If this weren’t enough, then there is one simple fact to consider: the technical aspects of SEO evolve over time. Pinging for SEO today doesn’t look like it did ten years ago, and SEO ten years from now won’t look like what it does today. There are constant changes being implemented by search engines and competitors that challenge any static strategy in this area. Because of this, you must be prepared to adapt and change on a continuous basis.

Improper Balance of Focus

SEO is a complex series of tasks and elements. Without an understanding of how they balance one another, a lop-sided SEO effort can create chaos for your brand’s visibility. What is equally dangerous is a situation where your focus is misplaced. For instance, a sudden shift to keyword analysis and research may take valuable focus away from a content-driven strategy. This ultimately can lead to slipping rankings – despite the investment in keyword analysis – due to you having less time to craft quality content. Every aspect of SEO is important, but we can sometimes end up focusing innately on smaller areas. This can result in us losing ground in a variety of areas. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities and changes, but never forget about where consistent focus is required.

Ultimately, there are going to be mistakes in any broader SEO strategy. Some may be technical and precise, while others may be more broad and abstract. By avoiding these three uncommon yet devastating mistakes, you’ll help guarantee a better chance of success for your future efforts.


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