Is The ArtStudio App Worth Buying?

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Art StudioOne of the main things we all use our tablets for is taking pictures. Whether it is vacation snaps or shameless ‘selfies’, we all tend to use the camera facility on our iPads for more than just Facetime. The trouble is, of course, how do you get those not so perfect shots looking good before you put them on Instagram or Facebook? Well, there are a number of good photo editing tools available for the iPad, but one of the most popular is ArtStudio, which sells for $4.99, or the equivalent price in your region.

What Is ArtStudio?

ArtStudio is a pretty promising app, which allows you not only to edit your selfies and other pictures by applying filters that make it look like you took the picture with some old retro camera or the latest hi-tech heat imaging technology, but also lets you draw in a number of cool styles. If you have a capacitative stylus designed to be used with an iPad or other touch screen device, you should find that this works brilliantly with ArtStudio to allow you to paint and draw and blend the things you have put on the screen in a way you may not have thought possible with just your fingers!

ArtStudio is great as a photo editing tool, letting you very easily crop, rotate and resize pictures you have taken, and giving you a very simple import and export facility that makes it very easy to bring pictures you have taken on your device into the program to be edited, and then send them out again to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you may want to post them when you have fixed them to your satisfaction.

Is It Worth The Money?

ArtStudio is basically the only photo editing tool and drawing program you need if you are a casual user. If you want to do complex things with your photos or are an artist who likes to do elaborate things with your iPad like create comic strips or generate detailed art pieces it may not offer the level of control that you need, but for the average person who just wants a simple to use, fun graphic package it is affordable and easy to use. In fact, for the price, this is a very powerful piece of software that you are likely to enjoy using a lot and get some great results with.

All in all, ArtStudio offers good value for money and is easy to learn. It has a lot of graphics features that can help the casual iPad user create interesting and fun graphic images, and will allow people with an artistic leaning edge to also have some fun drawing or ‘painting’ on their tablets. It is best used, if you are going to draw or paint, with a stylus, and it responds very well to the touch screen interface. If you are looking for a drawing and photo editing tool for the iPad that makes life easy and doesn’t cost the Earth, this, therefore, is the one to download.

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