Building Trust and Effectiveness Between SEO Firms and Clients

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Building TrustIf you have recently enlisted the services of an SEO firm to help with any number of optimization strategies for your site or blog, then you probably have already had a running dialogue with the company over what you wish to achieve. Each client of a firm has specific needs and desires – it is the job of the firm to determine how best to deliver on these desires if possible, while also building a relationship that revolves around trust and understanding. If you cannot have an honest conversation about your past, present and future SEO plans, then you will almost certainly create conditions unfavorable for optimal growth and marketing. For those who want to get the most out of these relationships as possible, we have put together a list of ways you can ensure that both trust and effectiveness are present in any client-firm relationship.

Transparency on Past Strategies

A SEO firm should be ready to ask you a variety of questions about your past and present SEO strategies, including link building and keyword promotion. It is virtually assured that some questionable strategies have been used in the past and it is important that the SEO firm understands this upfront in order to mitigate any possible penalties. As times have changed, so has the nature of proper search engine optimization. While pinging users with information on hundreds of sites via links was once acceptable, for instance, it is no longer good SEO to do so. By informing the firm of your past actions (whether questionable or not), you can ensure that any strategy going forward takes into account potential damage that has been done as a result of those actions.

Provide Access to Metrics

Another way that SEO firms and clients can build trust is through the sharing of webmaster analytics and tools. Most SEO firms will need access to your site’s metrics in order to provide better service: by inspecting your past performance, they can determine what to expect in the weeks and months that follow. This makes it much easier to determine instantly whether select strategies are working or not. If an SEO firm has to rely upon you answering an email request for more information on this week’s metrics, then their job performance is going to be impeded as a result.

State Your Goals Clearly

Misunderstandings in communication are the number one reason for mistrust and confusion in any relationship. When it comes to your SEO firm and you, it is vital that you convey your goals upfront and in as concise of a manner as possible. While an SEO firm may be pinging users to increase social signals and viral sharing, you may rather them focus on conversions. If you have not made this goal clear to them, then how can they know what needs to be done that fits your goals? It is recommended that you review your goals each month and get in touch with the firm whenever your outlook on an issue changes. In some cases, they may convince you that this is not the best strategy, while other requests may prove to be more beneficial for your long term plans.

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