How YouTube Ads Can Boost Your Business

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Video PanelThere are a few sites that the average person uses quite regularly that come to mind. You might think of Facebook and Twitter, the two biggest powerhouses in the social media game. Maybe you considered Amazon, which is the largest e-commerce hub for shoppers looking for great deal. Another website that should quickly spring to mind is YouTube, which hosts more videos than any other website in the world. More minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute than there are minutes in a year. As a result, more and more businesses are turning to the video giant as a way to attract shoppers, subscribers and visitors to their brands. Below, we’ll discuss ways that YouTube ads can boost your business and provide the exposure you deserve.

YouTube Ads Change Impressions

While some people may have heard of your brand before, it is very likely that a large percentage of them have no real opinion on it. Whenever there is a lack of an opinion, there is also a lack of passion. In order to motivate more people to engage with your brand, making a positive impression is crucial. YouTube ads can do just that, as videos have been proven to help create positive impressions among viewers for brands about which viewers had no prior opinion. Instead of pinging your website to users via text-based ads, consider allocating some of your ad budget to the task of putting inspirational and positive video ads in front of the right audiences.

YouTube Ads Empower Placement

Whether you are wanting to show off the benefits of a new product, outline why your brand’s work is so important or sell someone on the advantages of a service, video allows you to do so much more than mere text. While on Google you are confined to a few dozen character or words, rich multimedia formats like the one available via YouTube ads allow you to define your brand in total clarity. Use this as an opportunity to showcase how your services are superior to the rest, why you care about people, what your mission truly entails or how a product can change the work. When a video goes above and beyond simple product promotion and tells a greater story, it is amazing how well it will be received (even when product placement is a key feature).

YouTube Ads Are Massive

The simple fact behind why YouTube ads can be so successful is the sheer size of the audience. With more than one billion users on the (in effect) social network, this means that millions of people are surfing the site and watching videos at any given time. With a user base larger than Facebook and capable of rivalling Google’s, it simply makes sense to be promoting your video ads on here versus pinging your website via text ads. The combination of the sheer size of the network with the fact that you have the ability to provide a more media-rich impression that can increase conversions really says all that needs to be said about why this format is ideal for boosting your brand.

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