Key Tips on Persuading Holiday Shoppers This Shopping Season

Many brands revel in the holiday season rolling around – and for good reason: a large percentage of retailers sell more in the final two months of the year than at any other point on the calendar. Even organically, many businesses can expect increases in sales, but extracting maximum potential during the holiday shopping season is a worthwhile goal for any brand.

With the holiday shopping season already upon us, it is difficult to formulate a multi-pronged and complex strategy that extracts every ounce of potential profit this late in the year. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t tried and true strategies you can use to persuading a greater share of your website’s visitors into making purchases starting today.

Let’s look at a few of these today and show how you can give your business an ample boost in 2019.

Aim Your Messaging at the Procrastinators

While many people take advantage of opportunities in November like Black Friday, Cyber Thursday and Small Business Saturday to snag the best deals, you are not confined to solely promoting your products on these days. Many others are procrastinators at heart, and will wait until well into December before buying gifts for others.

Online stores can maximize the effectiveness of their ad copy and messaging overall by acknowledging that some people simply like to wait before making a purchase. By pinging users with messages pertaining to late-season sales, guaranteed fast shipping and an acknowledgement that not everybody can buy their gifts in November, you’ll create messaging that resonates with select audiences more effectively and persuades them to buy from you.

Continue Marketing Into January

While November and December are often the prime shopping dates for holiday shopping, an increasing number of brands are finding success with marketing strategies in January. Encouraging shoppers to buy as soon as possible in the season remains a prime goal for online stores, but extending the period of time during which you can generate additional sales should be a top concern, too.

By offering rock-bottom deals in January, you’ll position your brand in a position that not many others are attempting to contest. For a variety of reasons, many prefer to shop after Christmas and New Year’s, so appealing to these audiences specifically is an excellent method of persuasion.

Highlight the Benefits of Buying (Really) Early

While the holiday season only rolls around once per year, some savvy shoppers are all too willing to purchase gifts one year in advance. Online stores that can cultivate messaging designed to attract these shoppers will find it is a compelling and persuading argument. Once the formal holiday season has ended, offering shoppers great deals on purchases they would otherwise make 10-12 months from now can bolster your seasonal sales and persuade them to commit now instead of later.

Even though the prime holiday shopping season has already begun, it isn’t too late to begin using persuasive marketing tactics to boost sales. By targeting those who shop late – as well as those who are willing to purchase one season in advance – you can create highly-effective marketing campaigns capable of pinging users with everything necessary to persuade them to begin purchasing today.


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