Get the Most Out of Hashtags With These Three Tools

HashtagsOver the past several years, we have seen a new phenomenon take centre-stage on social media: the use of the hashtag. While it was once confined solely to Twitter as a way to organize its network based on categories, it has since become an incredibly powerful and symbolic tool that individuals and brand managers alike use to make statements within statements, take advantage of trending news and engage with various audiences. Even if you are not on Twitter, hashtags are likely in use on your social media network all the same. If you are ready to learn more about how to get the most out of your hashtag use, then continue reading to find out about three impressive tools that will shed light on the art of using them.

Perhaps the most important part of proper hashtag usage is understanding the crowd mentality behind them. A hashtag must first be created, but creating one that truly takes off is a rare achievement. Instead, taking advantage of which hashtags are trending is almost always a better option. Enter, which allows users to quickly see which hashtags are trending in virtually any category or audience. You can also use the service to find related terms, tweets and analytics for what is popular in the world of social media. You can track hashtags on a regular basis if so desired, as well as find information about how to effective use hashtags in order to start pinging URLs, tweets and multimedia along with them.

If you are ready to begin boosting the reach of your used hashtags, then you’ll definitely want to check out In this website, you’ll find all of the basic analytics necessary to analyze hashtags – trending topics, locations, recent tweets and overall popularity – but there are plenty of other features to make it worthwhile, too. For example, the service includes an influencer option that allows you to track down which Twitter users are most prolific and influential within a given category or niche. This can definitely come in handy when trying to gain attention and retweets that will propel your message as far as possible.


Some people are better visual learners than others, which is why Trendsmap can come in handy for many a budding Twitter user. In order to get the most out of trending tweet usage incorporated with hashtags, it’s important to break down where select hashtags are most popular. A worldwide trending hashtag may not be popular at all in your country or with your audience; Trendsmap will help you determine what is currently trending in your city, state or region. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to custom-tailor tweets using hashtags that will resonate with your audience while pinging URLs, and help you attract new followers at the same time.


There are several useful hashtag tools available on the web that cover not just Twitter, but multiple social media networks. In order to use hashtags efficiently, you must understand the nature of their boom and bust cycle. These three tools will help you get the most out of any potential hashtag campaign, so don’t be afraid to embrace their usage for any and all future tweets and posts you make!

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