Better Prepare Your PPC Campaigns for the Holidays

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The holiday season is a great opportunity for brands to maximize their traffic, earning potential and visibility. Regardless of niche, many websites see their best traffic numbers during the months of November and December. Influenced in part by sales and part by the changing weather keeping more people at home, brands from all backgrounds can use the holiday season to their advantage.

Various forms of marketing can be utilized to generate additional traffic and sales. The use of PPC campaigns in particular is a well-documented and effective strategy in reaching target audiences on social media and via search engines alike.

Ensuring your PPC campaigns are running at peak efficiency during the holidays is a must-do task: let’s explore how you can better prepare your campaigns for this year’s holiday rush (and beyond).

Clearly Establish Your Audiences

To extract maximum PPC campaign value during the holiday season, knowing exactly who it is you’ll be targeting is key. Given the holiday season often revolves around pinging users with specific products and/or requests for specific actions, it helps to know not just what you want audiences to do, but who they are in general.

Some of the most common holiday audience categories include those who have made prior purchases, those who have spent a certain amount of money on your products, those who are connected with your social media following and those who have viewed various wish-lists and gift guides. By connecting this information with your PPC campaigns, you’ll generate higher clickthrough rates, better conversion rates and more profit overall.

Bolster Your Brand Engagement

Generating buzz for your brand in the run-up to the holidays is a crucial component of maximizing sales and traffic. Via the use of PPC campaigns, building a strong foundation for doing so is quite easy. Ultimately, the best platform for doing this is via social media: here, you can promote custom posts and pages to your audience that’ll result in more shares and other forms of engagement.

One such example is promoting content that allows users to create wish-lists. Through this method, you can encourage the desire in others to receive to manifest in the form of shares of these wish-lists, boosting your brand’s visibility. Likewise, some brands have found ample success in PPC campaigns by promoting strategies like gift cards and surprise purchases for those who either like to covertly give to others or who don’t know what exactly to buy.

Use Landing Pages Abundantly

Holiday shoppers have an array of different interests and motivations for shopping. As such, the key to successful PPC campaigns across even a relatively small or niche audience involves pinging users with a litany of different pitches. The ads themselves can be customized easily, but ensuring that the landing pages are also highly specific can further improve overall reception.

By using a combination of creative approaches and highly specific language that complements the ad(s) in question, you’ll see a much better conversion rate during the holiday season. Given that shoppers are being pelted with a plethora of ads and sales pitches during the holidays, cultivating PPC campaigns and landing pages that hone in on their exact needs and interests is practically required for maximum performance.

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, knowing how to improve your PPC campaign strategy becomes more important than ever. With the three tips above, you can increase visibility, convert more shoppers and better determine how to target specific audiences not just during the holidays, but throughout the entire year.

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