Ideas for Social Media Growth for Religious Institutions

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Facebook TideAny religious institution knows the importance of expanding its numbers and introducing more people to its message. Some of the oldest forms of marketing in the world have to do with religious organisations that started as little more than a small congregation of adherents. The use of modern technology to continue the process is something that many religious organisations have yet to embrace, but thankfully, it can be done relatively easy. In the following article, we will discuss some simple ideas for social media growth that religious institutions and organisations can use. These tips can help increase membership, augment discussion and even provide additional donations.

Facebook Tabs for Donations

If you do not already have a Facebook page for your religious institution, then be sure to create one. While you can become active on multiple social media networks, Facebook is the best place to start (since it has more users than any other network). A Facebook page is helpful in pinging search engines with relevant details about your organisation and associating search results with it, but you can also use Facebook tabs on your page to promote donations. A quick setup process will allow for the installation of a button that can be paired with a donation platform. Suddenly, you can virtually pass the plate around 24/7!

Videocast Your Sermons

Whether it is a special occasion or a weekly meeting, it is a good idea to use social media as a way to expose more people to your message. Most smartphones today are capable of recording video – you can use this as a way to record your sermons and upload them to the internet. From here, you can share them via social media and provide daily or weekly updates of inspiration. Videos and photos are much more likely to be shared than simple text; by adding your full message to social media and allowing others to see it, you’ll be able to generate social media growth and real-life growth of your congregation.

Share Inspirational Photos

Whether they are cartoons, paintings or actual photos, multimedia tends to perform much better (as we mentioned before) on social media than text does. Because of this, it is advised that you build a social media presence around this knowledge. You can easily find a variety of existing pictures and memes that convey a message you’d like to share. If that isn’t enough, however, then you can try making your own or sharing community photos to get people sharing the good news.

Start Discussions

Your congregation and others outside of it will naturally gravitate toward discussions about issues that could be controversial. While keeping it G-rated may be a priority, having a discussion about current events and how morality may play a role in perception is a vital way to drum up conversation and interest in your group. You can be pinging search engines with a variety of topics, including matters relating to personal connections with God, sexual scenarios or even how various substances are being abused. These types of topics will drive discussion and boost social media growth.

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