How to Augment Your Social Media Shares and Exposure

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Social Media SharesOver the past several years, social media has swelled from a basic platform through which friends and family connect to an expansive network that connects individuals with everyone and everything that they may find interesting. With more than one billion people actively connected to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the use of social media by bloggers, webmasters and other entrepreneurs is simply irresistible. As a result, more options for these individuals have been developed by platforms that seek to enhance the user experience and earn revenue at the same time. If your business or website wants to augment its social media exposure, then you will want to continue reading to find out the best strategies for doing so.

Be Consistently Active

We have all probably heard by now that social signals now play a role in how search engines index and rank your content. The more shares and likes that a given brand receives via social media, the more attention it receives from search engines such as Google. Not only is this a direct result of increased social activity, but the indirect effects such as increased page views and traffic also play a role. One of the most basic yet effective ways that you can guarantee this effect is through the deployment of consistent activity. While you need a variety of content to keep users engaged and interested, even a simple status update about a current event or change in product line-ups can be effective when combined with solid content marketing.

Provide Value

While you may think that pinging for SEO is never a bad move, social media requires that you provide users with value in some form or another in order to remain relevant. The simplest way to do this is to create and promote content that answers a question or informs users on a topic that may be of interest but otherwise has not been covered. A variety of forms of content can be used to achieve this – infographics, articles, videos and podcasts are all effective in this regard.

Utilize Paid Solutions

Especially helpful for short-term promotions, paid advertising via platforms such as Facebook can bring a variety of different users to your virtual doorstep and generate attention that otherwise would not exist. Not only will their interactions create legitimate social signals that can convey relevance and authority to search engines, but the exposure for your brand may result in an augmented level of conversions, purchases and successful calls to action. Advertising is just like any other form of marketing, however: in order for it to be effective, it must be consistently applied.


If you want to gain additional attention for your brand via social media while pinging for SEO in a more traditional fashion, then you will want to adhere to a few simple rules while on sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram. First, you need to be consistently active in order to stay on the radar of users. Next, you have to create desirable content that provides value to readers. Last but not least, paid advertising can go a long way in boosting your clout and securing additional followers for your brand. All of these elements combined will help boost your social media exposure and in turn, your overall search engine prowess.

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