How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

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Find a JobMany interactions that we have via social media can be categorized as random or fleeting; that is to say, most of what we do on sites like Facebook and Twitter pertains to simple communication that often pertains to humour or personal stories. This has been the foundation of social media – by being able to share virtually anything, people will ultimately share everything. When it comes to searching for work, however, the dynamics shift. You cannot reasonably expect to use the same tactics to find a job as you would when sharing a funny video. Don’t get it wrong, though: social media can still be an effective tool at securing employment when done properly.

Use A Targeted Approach

The worst way in which you begin your job search via social media is to create a post or status update saying, “I’m looking for a job” or some other generic statement. There are literally millions of people out there looking for job: what sets you apart from the rest? Rather than pinging networks like Facebook with your pleas for help, it would be a smarter idea to network on sites such as LinkedIn that actually cater to job-seekers. This way, you are sending a message out to those who might actually be in the position to help you find work – which makes it far different than the average Facebook constituency.

Be Professional

When communicating with others online in regards to employment – whether that be via private message or in public forums – it is vital that you carry yourself with a certain level of professionalism and respect. This means that you do not use any cutesy faces when discussing affairs, or use slang. You should never feel so comfortable in any prospective interviewing or preliminary discussion as to use terms such as “LOL” or “;)”. Remember that in many cases, you may ultimately need to meet these people face-to-face; don’t sell yourself short by using informal online speak.

Craft Custom Pleas

If you think that a one size fits all approach to finding a job via social media is sufficient, then you are sorely mistaken. When you attempt to reach out to prospective businesses and employers, you want to be as personal as possible when it comes to the details of the plea. This means knowing a bit about the business beforehand, and learning how to highlight your knowledge of the business in each contact. If you create a generic script and use it on everybody, it will come across no better than spamming your pleas for work on Facebook – take the time to craft a personal response for each potential employer.

Be Prepared

Ultimately, any potential job offer will most likely be followed up with an interview, an evaluation of your resume and other details that come with any traditional employment. By making sure you have this information readily available, you can begin pinging networks of these employers with said information upon request. By having all your ducks in a row beforehand, you can make a great first impression by being punctual and thorough.

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