Quick Tips for Adding Social Flare to Your Content

Content BlocksIn the pursuit of creating more desirable content, webmasters and content creators now are faced with the task of making their offerings more social in nature. With social media now driving a good portion of internet traffic and discussion, it comes as no surprise that countless brands are encouraging more discussions and interactions on their blogs, allowing users to comment with their social media profiles, and adding comprehensive sharing options. There is more that you can do to augment this effect, however. Below, we’ll outline a few quick tips that can help you create content that is more socially-desirable and that brings you more traffic.

Make Things Personal

Social media is in essence about personal experiences. While we share just about everything through sites such as Facebook and Twitter these days, it all started as a way to share personal events and experiences with friends and family. By pinging URLs with content that is personal in nature, you can increase the likelihood of sharing and traffic for your site or blog. People like to read personal accounts that detail overcoming adversity or tribulations, so be sure to consider this when writing your next piece. Anything that helps build a connection between writer and reader is bound to be a better social performer than your average content.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

While it may not apply to search engine optimisation, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of social media and boosting content performance, however, this old rule still applies. Your content will be far more likely (anywhere from two to three times, according to several studies) to produce a given number of shares and likes on social media when multiple pictures are included. Many social media users like to use pictures by themselves as content solutions for boosting engagement. If you are trying to boost traffic to your site or blog, however, then adding them to an existing piece of content will also produce great results.

Create Lists

Did you know that people love to read lists? It must be human nature, because there is a universal trend that can be observed between how well something performs on social media and whether or not it comes in list format.  This provides quite a bit of incentive to start pinging URLs like “Five Reasons You’ll Love Fiji” or “Ten Helpful Household Cleaners” to your audience (but please, make sure your lists are relevant). If you are looking for a rapid increase in likes and shares, then please consider the use of list blog posts for both ends of your web presence.

By using these three methods – the creation of list blog posts, incorporation of pictures into existing content and addressing issues from a personal angle – you will successfully add a bit of social flare to your otherwise traditional content. We have to be innovative and creative with so much competition out there, so take these words to heart and put them into action beginning today!

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