How Vidsy Can Boost Your Marketing Potential

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Marketing PotentialA new service called Vidsy has popped up on the market, with claims that it can help boost your marketing potential in mere minutes – without any prior experience. A variety of us are in search of marketing enhancements at any given time, but a healthy dose of scepticism comes with each possible solution offered. Multimedia marketing may be one of the most difficult forms of marketing to perfect, but it can also be the most effective in terms of conversions and sales. Below, we’ll discuss the basics of Vidsy and how it can help even the most unexperienced marketer or media mogul boost their company or brand’s potential instantly.

The Text/Voice-Based Sale

When we convey a message, we usually think about doing so in a two-dimensional way. We either type it out, create a podcast, or use video to convey the message in one form or another. What we have learned from years and years of marketing experience is this: sales pitches via video are much more effective when you use a combination of audio and video. This means that as the message is being spoken, text is also being displayed on the screen that says the same thing. One of the primary strengths of Vidsy is that this can be done – with no need for recording your own audio. Everything can be handled through the efficient web-based interface.

No Copywriting Experience Necessary

Another great benefit to using Vidsy is the amount of scripting you’ll have access to in order to make the videos. And we’re not talking about just any ol’ ad copy, but tried and tested variations that will allow you to pick and choose elements in order to build an effective pitch. Pinging users with ineffective messaging is the downfall of many otherwise skilled marketers; don’t let this happen to you. Vidsy offers more than 500 different pitches that can be mixed and matched together in order to create a truly unique sales message for your brand. As you drag and drop the elements into place, you’ll then be able to configure the video slides that will go along with it.

Quick and Easy

In a given workday, you’ll be able to pump out several unique marketing videos for your brand, designed to cater to a variety of audiences. The average ad can be completed in just around an hour and a half, leaving plenty of time to make more in the same sitting. These videos can then be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account for sharing on your websites, blogs, social media profiles and via email. The possibilities for sharing are endless, and pinging users with exciting, effective videos that combine the right messaging tactics is what you want to be doing 24/7.


Vidsy can be a great way for first-time or seasoned marketers alike to bump up their game and achieve better results. Not many people have experience with videography, which is why this utility is so appealing. The combination of easy video compilation with effective sales messages can take some time and worry off of the shoulders of those who want to be generating targeted advertising but simply do not have the resources otherwise.

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