How to Use a Content Marketing Matrix

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Every marketer understands the value of content in their strategy. All successful marketing campaigns hinge on great content. The two main challenges brands face when doing content marketing are their content not resonating with the right audiences and running out of content ideas. A content marketing matrix is a tool that helps marketers plan content that is suitable for their audiences, no matter where they are on their purchase journeys. Knowing this, how can you use the content marketing matrix in your marketing endeavors?

Understand Your Marketing Strategy

The content marketing matrix is divided into four quadrants: entertain, inspire, educate, and convince. When you map out the types of content you have been putting out on these quadrants, you can better understand what your marketing strategy was aimed at.

To harmonize your strategy with your business, start by understanding where your products, services, and business are based on an emotional or rational spend. Think about what your customers and audience want to gain from your content, and you will start to see where the mismatch is between your marketing strategy and the content you put out.

Plan New Content

A content marketing matrix is a great tool for helping you plan your content. Once you have plotted the type of content you already produce and understand what your marketing strategy aims to achieve per what your customers need, you can start planning the right type of content to put out.

If you find out that you are targeting savvy customers but not putting out enough educational content, you can start putting plans in place to rectify that.

Generate Buzz Around Your Brand

Businesses and brands can use the content marketing matrix to create buzz around their brand. They can do this by planning entertaining content that is likely to go viral. The exact type of entertaining content will be determined by the industry the brand is in as well as the people they wish to reach. Competitions, quizzes, games, and videos get people talking about a brand, thus creating buzz and increasing awareness.

Persuade and Convert Visitors

Persuasion and conversion are where all your marketing effort comes to fruition. Persuasive content encourages an audience that is already familiar with your business and brand to take the final step in becoming a paying customer.

A customer gets to this point by being guided by entertaining, inspirational, and educational content across your various marketing channels. This guidance is made possible by putting out the right content at the right time according to what you have put down on each of the four quadrants of the content marketing matrix.

Persuasive content will often include analytics facts and figures that outline the benefits of your products and services. Such factual information should be tailored to your unique audience, their needs, and rational interests.

Once a marketer or business understands the content marketing matrix and how to wield it to their advantage, they can streamline their marketing, know what type of content to put out, and guide visitors and potential customers on a purchase journey.

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