3 Proven Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Whether you have a one-page website, a lead capture page, or want to create a page you will be sending targeted traffic to, making sure that it converts well is very important. A good-looking page doesn’t always translate to conversions, and you can’t make changes based on what you think will convert best. You need to use data and know some of the proven tactics to increase conversions. You should also know what deters potential prospects. Let’s take a look at a few proven ways to boost your page conversions.

Do A/B Testing

One of the best ways to tell what works and what doesn’t is by performing successive rounds of A/B testing. A/B testing with landing pages is when you alternate the landing page you show to your visitors.

One important thing with A/B testing is to only change one-page element at a time. You also have to send controlled traffic to the page for consistency. If you change too many things at once, you might see fluctuations in conversions, but won’t know what caused it.

If you only change, let’s say, the headline, the color scheme, the order button, your font, or your call to action and you notice a sharp difference between two versions of the site, then you’ll know exactly what caused it. So, make changes in small increments and have a reliable way to track conversions.

Less is More

If your goal is to gather leads, then you have to make it as easy as possible for people to give you their information. If you have too many fields, require them to input too much information manually, or are too intrusive, then you will lose leads. Here, we would suggest that your forms don’t have more than four fields if possible. Use drop-down menus whenever possible and remove any request for personal information beyond the email and name unless it’s necessary.

Add a Live Chat

This right here might be one of the most powerful conversion tools you can use for a website. Some website owners assume that live chat is a minor detail while others think it’s a downright nuisance, but the people have spoken and they absolutely love them.

One study by Forrester found that adding a live chat function to a website could increase conversion rate by as much as 40%. It was also found that people who use live chats spend more on average and tend to be more loyal. A chat function lets people know that there’s always someone there to answer their questions and instills trust. It also allows you to directly influence buying decisions. So, if you don’t have a live chat already, add the function to your site immediately and make sure that it’s active at all times.

These are some of the most effective and time-tested methods to instantly boost conversions. There is always space to improve, so constantly try new things and monitor your results until you find out what works.

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