How to Strengthen Your Instagram Presence

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Instagram is one of the hottest and most used social media networks in the world. It provides its users with a unique way to absorb content and interact, and eliminates much of the monotony that exists on networks like Facebook and Twitter. Businesses have increasingly found value in Instagram due to its multimedia-based focus and the socioeconomic characteristics of its users. If you’re trying to augment your brand’s bottom line, exposure and overall appeal, then you don’t want to leave Instagram off the table. We’ll discuss today how you can strengthen your Instagram presence and ensure that you’re getting the most of its offerings.

Always Use Hashtags

When pinging URLs, photos and content in general on Instagram, you want its visibility to be as strong as possible. In order to do this, you’ll need to use hashtags. Hashtags help your content to be spotted by people who aren’t even connected with you. If they click on a particular hashtag, they’ll see all recent posts made using that hashtag. This is why so many brands like to find ways to hitch a proverbial ride on late-breaking trends, as using relevant hashtags can ensure that each post’s visibility is dramatically increased. You can also try your luck at creating new hashtags to promote yourself, but these will require consistent work in order to gain enough traction to be organically seen by others.

Vary Up Your Content

Instagram is truly a multi-media type of platform. You’ll find everything from blurbs to videos and photos being posted on the network every minute, and not everybody appreciates the same type of content over and over. If you really want to reach the maximum number of people possible, then find ways to incorporate different types of content into your posting routine. A photo may be great for one occasion, while a short video could be ideal for another. If you diversify your content in such a way, you’ll be sure to connect with every part of your potential audience in a way that ensures your visibility grows.

Track Your Progress

If you suddenly begin enjoying a bigger reach on Instagram, how will you be able to tell? You can of course keep eyes on each post you make, but a better solution is to use one of the many analytics programs out there to track your reach. This will help you see how many engagements you’re generating for each post – as well as for a particular period of time – and this can shed some light on which types of content perform best among your audience. With this information in hand, you can then cultivate a more refined content strategy that you know will work for your specific interests and audience.

Cultivating a massive audience on Instagram can be a bit more difficult than on other social networks, but the reward is worth it. By pinging URLs, photos, videos and content to your audience, you can grow dramatically and truly make a name for your brand. Vary up your content offerings, track your progress and always use hashtags to get the best results!

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