TikTok Marketing: How to Get Started

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TikTok is a video social media platform that burst into the mainstream in 2018 and has been going strong ever since. Although the platform’s domain skews younger, things are changing. More millennials are getting involved with the platform and businesses are starting to notice. If you are putting together a marketing or social media strategy in 2022, you cannot afford to ignore TikTok. Big corporations have invaded the platform, and so should you. But how do you get started with TikTok marketing?

Spend Time on TikTok

While you may be tempted to start creating content and posting on TikTok, it is important to take some time using the app to understand it. At this stage, you are looking to understand its different features and the platform’s styles. As a marketer, you know that different platforms have different “vibes”, and you want to understand TikTok’s vibe before you start posting.

Set Business Goals

The next thing to do is to define what you want to achieve on the platform. Some businesses want to increase brand awareness, some want to increase their number of customers, and some want to show their products to as many people as possible.

Once you set the business goals, you have to start thinking about aligning your high-level marketing goals with your TikTok content

Define Your Audience

Defining your audience is important regardless of whether you will be posting regular or paid content on the platform. Here, you want to get an idea and write down your target audience’s age, location, preferences, interests, industries and careers, relationship status, other apps they use, and so on.

This is similar to how you would create a buyer persona when creating other marketing strategies, as it helps you align your messaging with your ideal audience.

Set Up A Business Account

A TikTok business account is specifically geared towards helping discovery through improving engagement on your content. Note that you need to open an ad manager account to run ads, but you do not need one to boost your content.

To open a business account, you need to have a regular account first. Then head over to your account page, click the menu on the top right and click on Settings and privacy. Go to account, then to Manager account.

Next, you need to click on Switch to Business Account, which you will find under Account Control. At this point, TikTok will ask you to select a category for your business and then you must complete your profile.

Boost Content

You can boost TikTok content using TikTok promote. For this, you will need to access your creator tools using the hamburger menu and then tap Promote.

You will see a list of your videos so click the one you want to promote and choose the boost goal and additional attributes. These include budget, audience, and duration.

Once you finish, enter payment details, and click Start Campaign.


Getting started with TikTok is fairly easy if you know the platform and the type of content people expect on it. In addition to posting content, you can also promote content and run ads if you have the budget. After that, it is all about using advanced TikTok marketing techniques and optimizing your strategies for better results.

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