What Should You Consider When Designing a Logo?

Your brand speaks volumes about yourself. Likewise, your brand’s logo speaks volumes about the brand. It is important to design a well-groomed, sharp and simple logo that can convey multiple emotions and feelings to anybody who sees it. All too often, businesses – especially those in the B2B field – do not give much thought to their logo’s design. This, regardless of your niche, can be a big mistake. So what exactly should you consider when designing a brand new logo? We’ll review some of the most important components to evaluate throughout the process below, giving you a better chance at designing an effective representative for your brand.

What is your brand’s selling point?

Every business has a selling point or purpose. This may be tied to your audience’s demographics or the product’s functionality. Whatever the dynamic, the very best company and brand logos tie in these elements in order to convey a message to those who see it. By pinging users with one or more subtle messages that are embedded in your logo, you help further persuade them of your selling point. If you look closely, you’ll see a variety of selling points demonstrated in the biggest brands out there. Whether it implies what the product is, how it is used or how the company treats its customers, there should always be an underlying message tied in with your logo.

What colors best embody the brand?

Another important element is to consider how various colors convey different images and meanings. Does your brand naturally have colors that would be associated with it? If so, then using these is generally a good idea. You not only want to be able to select the colors based on your brand’s aura, but you also want to avoid being excessive with color use. Most notable brand logos have one or two colors at most; if you begin adding a variety of colors to the logo, it can become too busy and therefore easily forgettable as anything other than a mess. Also remember that colors convey emotion: red implies energy, intensity and anger; blue implies calm; and so forth.

Do I need a pro to design my logo?

There are all sorts of ways you can go about designing your logo, but many brands decide to enlist professional services. There are many different solutions you can consider: from truly professional designs that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, to freelancer services that will design crisp imagery for your brand for just a few dollars. Whichever route you take, this decision will likely hinge upon whether you or someone in your brand has the graphic design skills necessary to design a formidable logo. If not, then it’s best to consider an outsider for the job. Ultimately, you want to be pinging users with a logo that conveys an idea and looks good at the same time.

In the end, a logo speaks volumes about a company or brand. You want to have the best looking design possible, which may mean a professional needs to design it. You’ll also want to use colors that most accurately represent your brand and you’ll want to highlight your brand’s selling point in its design. What other elements are important to your ideal logo? Let us know in the comments below.


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