Three Situations Where SEO Isn’t What You Need

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Search engine optimization is commonly mentioned as one of the most important elements to any online brand’s success. While popular platforms such as social media and email marketing have their place, the use of search engines remains more prevalent among those who need to find answers or solutions.

This has led to an over-prescribing of SEO for the proverbial ailments of every brand. In some cases, SEO not only isn’t the best course, but might not deliver any results at all. How can you be sure if SEO is right for your brand at the present juncture?

Today, we’ll look at three specific situations in which SEO isn’t the end-all, be-all remedy for your website’s struggles.

You’re Offering Something New

Particularly true for businesses and innovative companies, there are some situations where people simply won’t find what you’re offering – because they’re not aware of its existence. This can be very true in the case of niche products and services; if you’re responsible for inventing the next big thing but nobody is aware of it, then the likelihood of them searching for it is miniscule.

Instead, it is recommended that you pursue an aggressive marketing campaign built around reach and awareness. By pinging websites, newsfeeds and other relevant platforms with campaigns, you can spread the word and generate attention for your new offering. Once you have achieved sufficient awareness among an audience, a SEO campaign may become viable. Until then, however, pursuing SEO initiatives is unlikely to produce any real fruit.

You’re Working Against Deadlines

Many brands find themselves in situations where immediate awareness is necessary. For example, a brand that relies on generating most of its profits in a particular season or quarter may not have the ability to fully produce excellent SEO outcomes in a matter of months. If the brand is new to the internet, this is especially true.

Because of this, paid advertising campaigns via search engines and social media will likely produce better returns on investment. This is because you can immediately get the word out about your products or offerings, rather than waiting months or even years for the effects of SEO to produce results. For brands with so much riding on generating publicity in a short period of time, SEO just doesn’t make sense in most situations.

You’re Basically Broke

There are some people who can function as one-person SEO teams, producing massive results from a plethora of work and education over long periods of time. The vast majority of these people, however, do not run their own independent businesses unrelated to SEO. As a new business or brand owner, you likely do not have the time to master SEO from start to finish.

Most successful SEO campaigns involve lots of money, teamwork and planning. If your brand has a shoestring budget, then there are more effective strategies for pinging websites with content and promotions. Again, PPC campaigns and paid advertising in general is often a better value when you do not have thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to throw at search engine optimization.

These three scenarios are relevant to more brands and businesses than some realize. Thankfully, there are solutions that produce better results than SEO if your brand is in one of these situations. Consider this advice carefully, and begin looking for alternatives if SEO doesn’t appear to be the most viable option for your website.

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