Capture Larger Audiences With These Four Tactics

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Business AudienceIt should come as no surprise that the most commonly sought goal in online brand management and content creation is more traffic. While quality-measuring metrics such as click through rates, cost per click, SERP rankings and more can be used to determine what the quality of your traffic is, driving that traffic to your site in the first place is an obvious prerequisite. In order to bring in the fans, subscribers, followers and customers that you so dearly need, various tactics must be used to boost your visibility and appeal. Below, we’ll talk about a few of these tactics so that you can begin reaping rewards for your efforts.

Host a Giveaway

People cannot resist the allure of free stuff, so why not incorporate this strategy into your traffic boosting efforts? The key is to analyse your existing audience or market in order to determine what they desire. By offering an item that is appealing to them – in exchange for their email addresses or some other form of engagement – you’ll suddenly begin noticing a deluge of traffic if the promotion is promoted properly. Friends and fans will begin to share the news on social media and via email, which will only exponentiate the spread of news about your giveaway.

Make Some Roundups

People tend to love roundup posts, due to their time-saving ability in providing people with multiple relevant and interesting blog posts/news events in one place. You can easily build a roundup post out of pieces of content from fellow bloggers in your circle by organizing the posts into a document or spreadsheet, and then building the posts using bullets. Enhance the readability of the roundup post by providing a cheat-sheet to its contents and making it social media friendly; this will ensure that is spreads like wildfire and that it is pinging search engines with ease!

Be Visible Elsewhere

Many people hate guest blogging these days because it doesn’t appear to be as effective as it once was with respect to link building, but it can still be effective at driving traffic to your website and converting individuals who click on said links. You can accomplish this by finding a variety of related blogs and personally crafting pitches for each owner. For those who seem interested, amaze them with a great topic and then produce quality content that will have them inviting you back again and again. This approach will over time increase traffic when done across multiple blogs.

Convey a Message, a Story or a Cause

In order to truly capture the hearts and minds of your readers, you must appeal to them with emotion more often than logic. People want to know what you are all about, how you interact with your customers, what mission your brand or blog has and they want to be entertained throughout all of that. While pinging search engines with well-written content can prevent you from being in their crosshairs, you’ll need to make that content appeal to readers on a different level in order to please them. A story paints a picture and evokes emotion unlike a simple description or summary of benefits: do not be afraid to get personal with your audience for the sake of boosting traffic!

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