Keep Track of All Your Contacts with the CamCard App

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ContactsAs a smart business owner, you’re always making it a point to network and exchange business cards. But how many times have you gotten business cards from people you really wanted to keep in touch with only to lose the cards and be left unable to take the next step? Well, with the CamCard app, available on both Android and iOS marketplaces, you can log all of your business cards onto your mobile phone and never have to worry about losing them again.

Scan Business Cards in an Instant

In just a few seconds, you can use your CamCard app to take a photo of someone’s business card and scan it directly into your mobile phone. Then, the app does all of the work. It can automatically detect the orientation of the card you are scanning, and it will smart crop the edges of the card and enhance the quality of the image so that it is crisp and clear whenever you want to view it.

The information from the card is extracted from the image and then stored onto your device as a contact. The contact information is also stored directly onto your CamCard account, including the original image of the business card you scanned.

Search, Sort, Group, Share and Merge Business Cards

When it comes to keeping your business cards organised, CamCard also makes it a snap to search for a specific contact, sort your contacts, group them into easy to find categories, or even merge cards together. You can also share them with your colleagues, making networking easier than ever before. And once a business card is uploaded to your device, you can make other changes, including adding notes to the information so that you can remember why you were interested in working with a particular vendor, as an example.

Use CamCard on Multiple Devices

You can use CamCard on your mobile phone, of course, but you certainly don’t need to limit yourself either. This app is also available on tablets, and you can log into your account on your desktop or laptop computer as well. And an added bonus feature is the ability to sync all of your devices so that any edits that are made on one device will be made to all of them instantly. In this way, you can rest assured that the information you need is always available.

The AR Card

The new AR Card is a truly unique feature on the CamCard app that helps you promote your own company. Your AR Card will be connected to your contact information so that others can view photos and graphics, videos, 3D models, links, and more so that you can make your company really stand out from the rest of the competition. Plus, your AR Card will be readable by people from all over the world speaking a variety of different languages, so you need not worry about being unable to represent your company internationally. And every single time you update your AR Card, your contacts will be notified of the changes. It’s that easy!

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