Content Types for Stimulating the Senses of Your Audience

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Fish Consciousness Engagement truly matters. Whether it’s on social media or in search engines, there is a definite demand for quality content – both from the audiences and the algorithms of these entities. Not all forms of content are created equally: pure text often falls short in many areas. This is why so many brands and businesses have moved toward visual types of content in order to boost engagement rates. Whether you are targeting someone through a blog post or a social media post, it’s important to capture their attention if you want a boost in engagement. We’ll review the best types of content for you to use if you want to stimulate an audience’s senses and ensure they engage more.

Engaging Videos

By far, videos are the most in-demand form of content on social media and via blogs today. In order to truly stimulate the senses of your audience, why not aim a little higher? Interactive videos are becoming all the rage today, making it possible for users to immerse themselves in a variety of elements within the video. This encourages more time being spent on the website and also increases the number of shares and engagements that each piece of content brings. If you want subscribers and followers pinging links to your content all across the web, then you’ll definitely want to consider how interactive videos can help in the process.


Even easier to make than interactive videos, infographics combine the best of text and graphics in order to make something that is truly intriguing and inspiring. Infographics can be ideal for covering complex topics in detail, but without boring everyone to death with monotonous text. The use of infographics will help you make all of the key points that you would make in a blog post or article, but can also help to dramatically boost engagement rates on social media, via email and beyond. If you want to drive a major point home, improve link building efforts, maximize shares and stimulate the senses of your readers, then give infographics a try.


Rich content doesn’t always have to be labour-intensive. While videos and infographics are excellent forms of content to use, not everyone has the time to build such forms of content. Because of this, another avenue to consider is animations. Everybody is familiar with the classic GIF: you can definitely stimulate the senses of your audience, promote your brand, and generate shares all at the same time through a series of clever and well thought-out GIFs that make a point. You don’t even need to create animations or GIFs from scratch in order to do this: you can combine a series of them in a blog post or social media post. This will ensure that people share the content, and of course, this means that those shares will be pinging links back to you in one form or another.

Whether it’s animations, infographics or interactive videos, there are many different types of content that can be used to stimulate an audience’s senses and improve engagement rates. What other types of content have worked well for you in this way? Let us know in the comments below.


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