How to Market Your Content Offerings This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season already upon us, many brands have made tapping into this sentiment a top priority. Particularly important for brands who sell products and services, the final months of the year can be big business for sales – assuming their marketing strategies are up to par.

However, finding ways to market your content during the holiday season is just as important as effectively marketing any products and services. In some cases, all of these elements can be combined, but those who aren’t promoting the hottest gadgets and gifts this holiday season still need a concrete strategy for content success. Let’s review some steps you can take right now to do just that.

Incorporate Your Content into a Guide

Every holiday season, countless people flock to the web to figure out what they should buy for their friends and loved ones. Without this information, many people would be without any advice and as such, would make terrible gift-giving decisions.

Your brand can gain an advantage with these types by creating a holiday guide that incorporates your content offerings into the broader message. Not only will a holiday gift guide help provide a valuable piece of content that can increase engagement, but it can also be shrewdly design to help promote numerous other content offerings you’ve already created. As such, pinging search engines and social media with this form of content promotion can be a great way to draw attention this holiday season.

‘Tis the Season for Aesthetics

The bright colors and alluring design patterns often on display each holiday season are a veritable magnet for wandering eyes. If you want to truly gain some attention for your content in emails, news feeds and beyond, be sure to take advantage of the styles and attractions of the holidays in each piece of content.

This can mean using brighter and more festive images in each blog post, temporarily enhancing the design scheme of your website and even replacing your social media cover images with something that attracts the eyes. Some common elements that attract people’s attention include red/green combinations, Christmas trees and lights, and pictures of gifts.

Imply Urgency

If you’re embracing the ideas above and want to take your content marketing one step further, why not incorporate a sense of urgency into the promotion? As the holidays come nearer with each passing day, the promotional aspect of your content marketing should focus on that very fact.

With guides, promotions, discounts and any other holiday-specific marketing ideas, make sure to communicate to readers that there is a limited time to act. Want to find that perfect gift for a loved one? Better act today! Want to get advice on how to have a great holiday dinner? You only have a short amount of time to click here and read! These appeals can help convince those who might not click or act immediately to do so.

Whether you’re pinging search engines or plastering social media with marketing strategies, the holidays will be here soon. By promoting the sense of urgency, using holiday aesthetics and incorporating your content into a useful and helpful guide, you can help get more engagements from your existing content this holiday season.

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