The Holidays Are Here, But It’s Not Too Late to Market Effectively

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As the holidays approach rapidly, many brands are focusing on the season due to its immense potential for generating revenue and driving traffic. Many brands that sell products and services earn large percentages of their profits during the final three months of the year, and it is because of this that businesses often spend months preparing for the holiday season.

Some emerging and small online businesses may not have the resources or knowledge to execute such complex plans just yet, but it is not too late to begin implementing strategies that will boost sales and traffic. As such, let’s review what can be done this late in the holiday game to achieve those metrics.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media – both as a form of organic promotion and paid marketing – can be a highly efficient way to reach customers quickly during the holiday season. Even if you didn’t begin months ago by pinging search engines with content, social media is focused on live and late-breaking content. This means you can easily promote content and product pages that were just created, utilize ads in paid campaigns and reach out to your existing followers on a moment’s notice.

These reasons are arguably why so many brands love social media, whether it’s the holiday season or not: instant gratification for efforts is the marketing name of the game on social media.

Design Landing Pages

For many marketing efforts, you may want to focus on specific products that are great as gifts for the holidays. In order to properly promote these and get maximum value from each campaign, it is worth considering the creation of landing pages that highlight benefits and features.

While some marketing efforts may focus on promoting a range of products or the brand overall, being able to target specific consumers with specific ads is sometimes much more effective. Rather than a generic ad that merely points to a generic product page, the use of landing pages can further improve conversion rates and boost sales.

Likewise, landing pages can also be created for a variety of product categories rather than specific products. Regardless of the approach, landing pages make for an effective marketing technique and can increase the number of sales you generate via marketing.

Recycle Content

While most of your existing content might not be optimized for holiday shopping promotions, there’s no reason why you can’t use it to create something useful in a short amount of time. Recycling your content can be quite effective during the holiday season, as various posts and pages dedicated to specific products can be extracted from to create holiday-specific content.

Likewise, more informative content can be combined in a variety of ways to produce content round-ups and lists with a holiday focus. This can save a great amount of time when compared to creating holiday-focused content from scratch and will allow you to start pinging search engines, social media and email addresses in no time at all.

Just because the holidays are now upon us doesn’t mean it’s too late to extract value from the season. There are many effective forms of marketing you can still put into play for this holiday season that’ll generate more visits, clicks and sales – and for next year’s holiday season, you’ll have more time to prepare in advance.

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