How to Make Your Facebook Page Universally Appealing

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While there are plenty of exciting social media options available to brands and businesses, few offer the level of reach that Facebook continues to provide. With a plethora of competitors both local and international, most brands need to stay focused on reaching audiences as often as possible and as easily as possible.

Given the sheer number of people who use Facebook, it is not a surprise that virtually every major brand has a presence on the platform. Nevertheless and compared to some other more focused social media platforms, the oomph factor may not be as stellar on Facebook for some brands as it could be with other platforms.

This is why reaching audiences by ensuring universal appeal is more important than ever. Because of this, let’s take a gander at what you can do to help ensure your Facebook page reaches as many people as possible – and also leaves an impact.

Bump Up the Quality

Arguably one of the most crucial components to increasing appeal for any social media presence, increasing the level of quality featured on your Facebook page can make it more enticing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize high-quality forms of multimedia. This includes your cover photos and banners, as well as other forms of content such as the videos you create and share with audiences.

By pinging search engines and existing followers with more robust, quality visuals and content, you’ll make a better impression on those who see it – which can keep them coming back for more.

Give Your Content Personal Appeal

Audiences now more than ever want to see real people, real stories and genuine connection with brands they choose to follow. With Facebook specifically, sharing content that highlights your personality and shares the stories of others is critical to ensuring a wider overall appeal.

This means not just posting about news that directly impacts your brand, but also sharing stories from supporters, customers and other followers – that may or may not directly relate to your brand’s mission.

Foster a Sense of Community

Social media is truly multi-faceted, but Facebook pages by themselves can sometimes feel a bit vanilla. While there are plenty of options for the brand itself to highlight options, encouraging followers and fans to interact through community-based options requires a bit more effort.

By creating a Facebook group that is directly linked to your page, you can help encourage more interactive discussion and community among your audience. Adding various buttons or links via Facebook’s social plugin options can further help integrate your website and community directly into your page’s presence.

Use Facebook Live

Last but not least, remember that not everybody prefers written content. Whether it be Facebook posts or links to blogs, having a wide variety of content offerings makes it possible to connect better with all people. Rather than spending lots of time editing videos, a low-effort alternative exists: Facebook Live.

By streaming your thoughts, plans or announcements via Facebook Live, you can not only quickly add multimedia content alternatives to your page, but you can also ensure you’re pinging search engines and fans with different forms of content in general. Many people also enjoy the live, unscripted nature of videos, which will help enhance your page’s appeal.

While there are plenty of ways to promote your Facebook and increase its visibility, improving its appeal is just as important. By using these simple tactics in conjunction with your existing efforts, you can boost appeal and reach a wider audience in time.

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