Why Your Small Business May Not Need to Use Social Media

Social MediaPractically all businesses large and small have heard about social media by now and have been told that it can be a definite boost for their brands. Many businesses have found great success in utilizing social media to increase sales, traffic and exposure. Small businesses that at one point couldn’t reach outside of a community are now making impressions all over the world. Despite this, there are some instances in which a business or brand may not find social media to be all that helpful. What are these reasons? We’ll discuss some straightforward reasons why your small business may be just as well off ignoring social media in the here and now.

Budgetary Limitations

Does your small business have enough cash-flow to properly invest in social media marketing? If not, then social media may not be worth the focus right now. If the goal of your social media presence is to expand your reach and be noticed in other markets, then it is almost certainly going to take a comprehensive marketing plan. Without a strong ad budget for sites like Facebook and Twitter, reaching these audiences will be difficult. Many businesses become frustrated with the level of organic engagement they receive, and subsequently abandon the pursuit. Social media is definitely worth the effort for many small businesses, but you’ll need to be pinging users on social media with enough ads to reach and connect with them. Until you can afford to do so, it’s acceptable to put social media on hold.

Lack of Vision

Small businesses on social media face an intense amount of competition. Not only do they have to worry about competing with businesses in the same niche and of the same scope, but they must also vie for attention against bigger brands that can often more easily attract followers. Without a comprehensive plan for doing this, social media efforts can often end up being in vain. As such, small businesses that do not yet know what exactly they wish to extract from their social media efforts are advised to spend some time developing an overall vision for the future. Whether your goal is to increase email subscriptions, promote products or increase sales, it is necessary to know in advance what the specific purpose of your social media presence will entail.

Inadequate Time

Social media is an important element for many brands, but it can be a liability in some situations. Many businesses’ social media profiles can be found on the web, but upon further inspection, there are few updates or posts and the businesses – from a social media perspective – appear to be dead. Social media requires persistent effort and constant updates in order to properly saturate your audience with content and entertainment. If you cannot provide enough time each day to update social media on behalf of your brand, then holding off on the broader effort until either you or an employee can do so is probably a better strategy. The impression of a dead brand is not something you want for your brand.

Has your social media presence struggled in pinging users with content on a consistent basis? Let us know about your troubles in this area – or in any area – in the comments.

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